ENCH 630: Transport Phenomena

     Instructor: Douglas D. Frey



Welcome to the webpage for the course ENCH 630 (Transport Phenomena) at UMBC. The content of this webpage is freely available for educational purposes to anyone interested in the field of transport phenomena. Enjoy your visit!


General Information:


Professor Frey's Transport Phenomena Course Lecture Notes:

         Part 1: Review of Mathematical Fundamentals

         Part 2: Basic Concepts in Fluid Mechanics

         Part 3: Momentum Balance Basics

         Part 4: General Momentum Balance

         Part 5: Potential Flow and the Bernoulli Equation

         Part 6: Creeping Flow

         Part 7: Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics

         Part 8: Heat Transfer

         Part 9: Mass Transfer Basics

         Part 10: Analogies Between Transport Modes and Film Model of Mass Transfer

         Part 11: Brownian Motion


Problem Set Assignments in ENCH 630 for Spring 2024:

         Problem Set 1: Basic Mathematical Methods  (Due 11:59 pm, Feb. 9, 2024)

         Problem Set 2: Momentum Balance Basics  (Due: 11:59 pm, March 10, 2024)

         Problem Set 3: Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics  (Due: 11:59 pm, March 17, 2024)

         Problem Set 4: Dimensional Analysis and the Bernoulli Equation  (Due 11:59 pm, April 17, 2024)

         Problem Set 5: Heat Transfer  (Due 4:29 pm, May 6, 2024)


Selected Course Handouts:

COMSOL Multiphysics Simulation Software:

Fluid Mechanics Resources:  

Heat and Mass Transfer Resouces:

Mathematics Tutorials:

Class Photographs:

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Elmer finite element modeling software

  • Elmer Software Website.  For those who are on a budget and can't affort COMSOL Multiphysics, Elmer provides a reasonable alternative for performing finite element modeling. Elmer is open source software that is available for free.

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