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Last updated: Sept. 5, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L File Collection discuss books and films with feminist content or with content that can nonetheless be useful in a Women's Studies course:

Activism Course Readings
(This discussion of suggested readings and other resources to introduce students to feminist activism took place on WMST-L in November 2006.)

Activist Narratives
(Narratives about activists that might be appropriate for use in an undergraduate course. WMST-L discussion, September 2008. See also Autobiographies/Memoirs by Women Activists and Leaders.)

Autobiographies/Memoirs by Women Activists and Leaders
(Reading suggestions offered on WMST-L in October and December 2001.)

The Body and Culture: Suggested Readings
(This file offers suggestions for accessible texts dealing with the body and culture. WMST-L discussion, Sept./Oct. 2002.)

Books Helpful to Housebound New Mothers
(Recommendations for fiction and non-fiction, as well as some coping strategies, that a housebound new mother might find helpful. WMST-L discussion, May 2003)

Books on/for Young Feminists
(Recommended books and other works on/by/for young feminists. WMST-L discussion, January 2004.)

Christian Feminists: Suggested Readings
(Suggestions for short readings by self-identified Christian feminists suitable for use in an Introduction to Women's Studies course. WMST-L discussion, December 2001)

Coming-of-Age Novels for Conservative Students
(WMST-L discussion in August 2000 about coming-of-age novels suitable for use with conservative freshmen. The discussion gave rise to consideration as well of whether one should teach gay/lesbian novels in such a course.)

The Concept of Invisibility
(This discussion was begun by someone who was about to teach Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, but it quickly moved to a broader consideration of the notion of "invisibility." WMST-L discussion, October 2006)

The Courage to Heal and Memories of Abuse
(WMST-L discussion about the book The Courage to Heal and the issue of memories of sexual abuse. The discussion took place in June 1998. 2 parts)

Critiques of John Gray's Mars/Venus Theory
(A request for critiques of the theories underlying John Gray's book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus gave rise to a 2007 WMST-L discussion; a shorter discussion of Gray took place two years later. This file contains messages from both.)

Dealing with Disturbing Films
(WMST-L discussion from February 2001 that focuses especially on some films by Spike Lee and on Boys Don't Cry)

Documentaries on Transgender Issues
(Suggested documentaries for a college course section on transgender politics. WMST-L discussion, September 2008, and an additional message from 2010.)

Domestic Violence in Film
(Suggestions for films that portray domestic violence. The first part focuses especially on popular, mainstream films, while the second part offers a somewhat broader ranger of suggestions. WMST-L discussiona, 2004 and 2007.)

Female Buddy Literature
(A discussion of female "buddy" literature that took place on WMST-L in October 2006. See also the earlier, related file, Women Buddy Films.)

Feminism and Social Change: Suggested Readings
(Suggested readings for a course on Feminism and Social Change. WMST-L query and responses, including syllabi. November/December 2003.)

Feminist Film Reviews
(Since 1992, WMST-L member Linda Lopez McAlister has been making her feminist film reviews available via WMST-L. Those reviews, along with some others unconnected to WMST-L, are now also available on MITH's Women's Studies Database. This link will take you there.)

Feminist Interpretation of Fairy Tales
(June 1994; 2 parts)

Feminist Utopian Fiction
(WMST-L discussion in July/August 2000 that began as a request for suggested works and evolved to consider also issues of aging and death.)

Films about First Wave Feminists/Feminism
(A discussion on educational films about first wave feminists/feminism. WMST-L, September/October 2009)

Films About Women in Prison
(Recommendations for films dealing with women's experience in prison.)

Films About Working Women
(A discussion of films that deal with working women. Several of the messages focus on Salt of the Earth. The discussion took place on WMST-L in July 2005.)

Films and Texts for a Sexuality Course
(Two discussions about resources for a course on sexuality: one seeks appropriate films, the other asks about current texts. The discussions took place on WMST-L in July and October, 2004.)

Films Focusing on Sexuality
(Suggestions for films that focus on sexuality. WMST-L discussion, January 2007.)

Films for an Intro to Sexuality and Gender Studies Course
(Recommendations for films that would be effective in an Introduction to Sexuality and Gender Studies course. WMST-L discussion, June 2009)

Finding Collections of Feminist Periodicals
(Discussion of how and where to find archived collections of feminist newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. WMST-L, October 2004.)

The Gender Knot - Allan Johnson
(Information and strong recommendations for this book by WMST-L subscriber Allan Johnson. It's the book most frequently recommended as an introduction to feminist issues for men and/or for those who "just don't get it." Messages on page 1 span 1997-2002, with one from 2005 about Johnson's second text that builds on _The Gender Knot_; page 2 adds messages from a 2006 discussion.)

Gender Theory Readings
(Recommended books and articles for an undergraduate course in Gender Theory. WMST-L discussion, September 2003.)

Global Feminisms Texts
(Recommendations for feminist theory texts that give students a sense of the issues concerning global feminisms. WMST-L discussion, June 2003.)

Global Women Writers: Suggested Reading
(Recommendations for "books that students won't be able to put down" for a course on Global Women Writers. The discussion took place on WMST-L in April 2007.)

Growing Up Female in Fiction and Film
(Suggestions for books and films relevant to a course on growing up female/female coming-of-age. A two-part file from October/November 1993 and December 1997. Of related interest may be Women's Autobiography.)

Heterosexual Desire in Fiction
(Suggestions for works of fiction depicting women's heterosexual desire. WMST-L discussion, December 2001.)

Humorous Short Stories by Women
(Suggestions for humorous short stories by women appropriate for use in an Intro to Women's Literature course. WMST-L discussion, May 2009)

Immigrant Literature: Suggested Works
(Suggestions for autobiographies, novels, films, etc. dealing with the immigrant experience from a female point of view. WMST-L discussion, October 2002.)

Introducing Feminism in an African American Studies Course
(Suggestions for readings and films that would be useful in introducing the topic of feminism in an African American Studies course. WMST-L discussion, February 2005.)

Intro to Women's Studies: Suggested Readings
(Suggested texts, works of fiction, and other readings appropriate for an Introduction to Women's Studies course. Two WMST-L discussions: January 2000 and February 2008. The January 2000 discussion also includes brief attention to copyright issues.)

Japanese Women Writers
(A discussion of Japanese and Japanese-American women writers who deal with issues of gender, race, and ethnicity in a modern context. The discussion took place on WMST-L in May 2005.)

LGBT Fiction and Memoirs for a Course
(Suggestions for novels, short-story collections, and memoirs that could be used in an LGBT-themed junior/senior level course. WMST-L, April 2008.)

Making 'Contemporary' Women's Literature Relevant
(A discussion of ways to make women's literature of the 1970s and '80s, and the feminism it reflects, relevant to 21st-century students. The discussion took place on WMST-L in January 2005.)

March of the Penguins: Some Perspectives
(A discussion of feminist and non-feminist perspectives on the film "March of the Penguins." WMST-L, August 2005.)

Men and Masculinity: Suggested Readings
(Suggested readings for a course on men and masculinity. WMST-L, December 2000)

Million Dollar Baby: A Feminist Message?
(A lnegthy discussion of the film Million Dollar Baby took place on WMST-L in June and July, 2005. Much of the discussion focused on the issue of the extent to which the film had a feminist message. This file is in 3 parts.)

Motherhood and Pregnancy in Popular Culture
(WMST-L discussion in November 2001 about representations of motherhood and pregnancy in popular culture and in the media.)

Multicultural Intro Texts
(Some suggestions for Introduction to Women's Studies texts that have abundant multicultural selections. WMST-L discussion, June 2002.)

Multicultural Women in the U.S.: Book Suggestions
(Suggested books that might be used in a course on "Multicultural Women in the United States." The suggestions were offered on WMST-L in July 2005.)

News about Feminist Books and Bookstores
(Suggestions for how to find out about feminist books and bookstores, now that Feminist Bookstore News no longer exists. WMST-L discussion, October 2002)

Non-Sexist Books for Children
(Suggestions for finding non-sexist books for children. WMST-L discussion, September 2004.)

Novels about Women and Education
(Recommended academic novels and films, some focusing on students, others on faculty. April 1996)

Novels for a Course on the Women's Movement
(A request for suggested novels for a course on the Women's Liberation Movement gave rise to this WMST-L discussion in May 2005.)

Novels for High School Women's Studies
(Suggestions for novels and other texts appropriate for a high school women's studies course. WMST-L discussion, October 2002.)

Novels for the Intro Course
(A discussion of novels recommended for use in an Introduction to Women's Studies. WMST-L, March 2007)

Older, Contented Women in Fiction
(Responses to a January 2009 query on WMST-L for "novels that depict strong, single, independent, over 40, childfree women who are satisfied with their lives.")

The Pink Video "Stupid Girls"
(WMST-L discussion from May 2006 offering responses to the Pink video "Stupid Girls.")

Pop Culture and the Curriculum
(What is the worth of popular culture? Are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nancy Drew legitimate objects of study? Is their inclusion in the curriculum a sign that standards have been lowered? A lenthy discussion of this and some related issues took place on WMST-L in September 2006. This five-part file focuses primarily on the part of the discussion concerned with pop culture.)

Professing Feminism, by Patai and Koertge
(A three-part discussion of Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies, by Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge. The discussion took place on WMST-L over a period of months in 1994 and 1995.)

Prostitution in Film
(A two-part WMST-L discussion from March 1995 in response to a query about films depicting prostitution/sexwork, for use in a seminar. See also the 2002 discussion Prostitution/Sexwork.)

Rape Narratives
(Suggestions for novels, memoirs, etc., that include narratives of rape. WMST-L discussion, November 2004.)

Readings about Native American Women
(Suggestions for readings useful for students. WMST-L discussion, January 2008)

Readings for a Course about Violence
(Responses to a query about course readings, especially those focused on warfare and/or male-on-male violence. WMST-L, January 2002.)

Readings on Women's Magazines
(Suggested readings for an upper-level course on Women's Magazines and the Contstruction of Gender. WMST-L discussion, November 2006)

Recent Work on Feminist Theory
(Responses to an August 2008 query on WMST-L about recommended new books on feminist theory.)

Short Online Films on Transgender Issues
(Suggestions for short online films dealing with transgender issues and appropriate for use in an introductory Women's Studies course. WMST-L query, January 2009)

Short Stories: Women and Education
(Suggestions for short stories and some non-fiction useful for a course on women and education. WMST-L discussion, January 2004)

Teaching about Abortion: Films
(Suggestions for films to use when teaching about abortion. WMST-L discussion, June 2008. Also of interest may be the earlier files Teaching about Abortion and Teaching about Abortion to Conservative Students.)

Teaching Beauty and the Beast
(Suggested strategies and resources for teaching the Beauty and the Beast story, and feminist variants. WMST-L discussions, April 2006 and January 2010.)

Teaching 'Pretty Woman'
(Suggestions for teaching the film 'Pretty Woman' in a Women's Studies context. WMST-L discussion, September 2003.)

Teaching Sapphire's Novel Push
(A discussion of resources and strategies for teaching Sapphire's novel push. WMST-L, November 2009.)

Texts for Course on Race, Class, & Gender in U.S.
(Suggestions for texts that discuss gender fully and can be used in a Sociology course on Race, Class, and Gender in the U.S. WMST-L discussion, March/April 2004.)

Using Literature in a Women's Studies Course
(Suggestions for how faculty can use literature in a Women's Studies course even if they are not trained in literary study. WMST-L discussion, September 2004.)

Using Persepolis in a Women's Studies Course
(Discussions about using the graphic novel Persepolis in a Women's Studies course. The messages on the first of the file's three pages appeared on WMST-L in May 2006, along with a few from September 2006 that deal with graphic novels more broadly. Page 2 includes a discussion from 2009 that considers the film as well as the novel. The messages on the third page, also from 2009, offer suggestions for an American text to pair with Persepolis.)

The Vagina Monologues
(Three WMST-L discussions of Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues," one in February 2001, the second in July 2003, and the third in the spring of 2005. The 2005 thread also includes discussion of female genital excision.)

Videos on Intersection of Gender, Race, Class
(Suggestions for videos that show the intersection of gender identity with race, class, and national differences. WMST-L discussion, April 2002.)

Videos on Masculinity
(A request for videos illustrating the social construction of gender gave rise to a number of suggestions, many of them discussion videos on masculinity. WMST-L discussion, July 2002, supplemented by later messages.)

'Waves' of Feminism
(A lengthy WMST-L discussion from May/June 2002 that focused at the start on the book Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire and evolved to consider as well the notion of "waves" of feminism, especially second and third-wave feminism. A few additional messages from 2002 and 2003 (including a brief third-wave bibliography) appear at the end. See also the earlier discussion Teaching '70s Feminism.

Who is Warren Farrell?
(Discussion of Warren Farrell, his book The Myth of Male Power, and his relation to feminism. Toward the end of the discussion, some attention is paid to men who write about men's issues from a more feminist perspective. The discussion took place on WMST-L in October 1994.)

Who Stole Feminism?
(Discussion (Fall 1994) of Christina Hoff Sommers' book, Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women. Includes a link to Laura Flanders' published critique, The "Stolen Feminism" Hoax.)

Women and Islam: Readings/Videos
(Suggested readings and videos about women and Islam. They appeared on WMST-L in October/November/December 2001. Part 1 offers general readings; Part 2 focuses more specifically on fiction; Part 3 mentions readings that bear on the topic of feminism and Islamic law; Part 4 provides information about two videos. See also a later (2010) file, Works by and about Muslim Women.)

Women and Madness: Resources for Teaching
(Suggested readings, films, etc. for a course on Women and Madness. WMST-L discussion, May/June 1994)

Women and Sports
(A two-part WMST-L discussion from December 2004. Part 1 deals with literature that addresses women's experiences as athletes, while Part 2 concerns feminist analyses of sports.)

Women and Utopias
(This discussion of women and utopias in fiction and non-fiction took place on WMST-L in March 2002.)

Women and War: Suggested Readings
(A 2-part file whose suggestions include non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and drama. WMST-L, April 1993 and October 1994)

Women Buddy Films
(Responses to a WMST-L query in July 1993 about "women buddies movies" for use in courses.)

Women's Autobiography
(WMST-L discussions from October 1997, Winter 2000, October 2000, and August/September 2001.)

Women, War, and Peace
(Suggested readings on women, war, and peace for a lower-division women's studies course. WMST-L discussion, September 2001. See also an earlier discussion entitled Women and War: Suggested Readings.)

Works by and about Muslim Women
(Suggestions for works in a variety of media suitable for use in an adult education course. WMST-L discussion, June 2010. Also of interest may be a 2001 file, Women and Islam: Readings/Videos)

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