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Last change: Sept. 27, 2010

The following files in the WMST-L File Collection have been added (A) or updated (U) in the past two months. The dates in parentheses follow the format month/day/year.

*Feminist Spirituality   (U: 09/27/10)

*Changing the "Second Shift"   (A: 09/07/10)

*Films for an Intro to Sexuality and Gender Studies Course   (A: 09/05/10)

*The Female Gaze   (A: 09/05/10)

*Discussions about Beauty Issues   (A: 09/05/10)

*White Privilege II   (U: 09/05/10)

*Teaching about Class   (U: 09/05/10)

*Teaching about "Coming Out"   (A: 09/05/10)

*Making "French feminism" Accessible to Undergraduates   (A: 09/04/10)

*Resources for a Course on Sexual Violence   (A: 09/03/10)

*Humorous Short Stories by Women   (A: 09/03/10)

*Black Feminist Theory; Black Women and Sexualized Images (2 Subjects)   (A: 09/02/10)

*Take Back The Night   (U: 09/02/10)

*Transnational Feminism: Resources and Issues   (A: 09/01/10)

*Teaching Beauty and the Beast   (U: 09/01/10)

*Intro to Women's Studies: Suggested Readings   (U: 09/01/10)

*Critiques of John Gray's Mars/Venus Theory   (U: 09/01/10)

*"Women's Studies" vs. "Gender Studies"   (U: 09/01/10)

*Films about First Wave Feminists/Feminism   (A: 08/31/10)

*Older, Contented Women in Fiction   (A: 08/30/10)

*Short Online Films on Transgender Issues   (A: 08/30/10)

*Freud and Feminism: Introductory Readings   (A: 08/27/10)

*Teaching Sapphire's Novel Push   (A: 08/27/10)

*The Politics of the Burqa   (A: 08/27/10)

*Resources for Teaching about Second Wave Theories   (A: 08/26/10)

*Widowhood from a Feminist Perspective   (A: 08/25/10)

*Consciousness Raising Groups   (A: 08/25/10)

*Documentaries on Transgender Issues   (U: 08/25/10)

*Non-fiction Readings for the Intro Course   (A: 08/25/10)

*Women and Domestic Help   (A: 08/24/10)

*LGBT Fiction and Memoirs for a Course   (A: 08/24/10)

*Domestic Violence Course Resources   (A: 08/18/10)

*Reproductive Justice: Resources for a Course   (A: 08/18/10)

*The Appeal of (Same-Sex) Marriage   (U: 08/17/10)

*Readings in the Politics of Transgender   (A: 08/16/10)

*Domestic Violence in Film   (U: 08/16/10)

*Genital Cutting and Gender   (A: 08/15/10)

*Feminist Critiques of Judith Butler's Theories   (A: 08/14/10)

*Works by and about Muslim Women   (A: 08/13/10)

*Indexing a Book: The Pros and Cons   (A: 08/13/10)

*Online Degrees in Women's Studies   (U: 08/12/10)

*Using Facebook in the Classroom   (A: 08/11/10)

*Using Persepolis in a Women's Studies Class   (U: 08/10/10)

*Readings about Native American Women   (A: 08/09/10)

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