NONUMENT 01:The McKeldin Fountain
An augmented reality APP of the McKeldin Fountain, work-in-progress. In collaboration with Jaimes Mayhew and MoTA Museum of Transitory Art.
Rembrandt in his Studio, 2015
A cross species installation and installation for the birds using ultra-violet color and a red tail hawk named Rembrandt.
Songlines: Harmonograph Series 2013
An intaglio series of harmonograph drawings. Printed with hand-made pigments mined by the artist in the Australian outback. harmonograph movie
eLAND Series 2013
An intaglio series of ochre mined by the artist in the Australian outback. An embedded code displays where the pigment being viewed was mined, it's GPS and stock value. website
3 Cosmetic Projects 2013
Chesapeake Bay Water Lipstick; Ash Cosmetics (for post-911 New Yorkers); Flinders Ranges Ochre Cosmetics. 2012.
Currentse 2012
Pigments mined from the Australian outback are marbleized on paper the size of the local currency, with GPS coordinates of the original site.
Ochre Wars
A 12x72" Panarama of a sacred ochre mine in northern Flinders Ranges (5km north of Lyndhurst), 2012.
The Truth in Painting
An artists' book by Lisa Moren, 2002-2012.
Marbleized Papers from the Gulf of Mexico 2010
A series of marbleized papers created from pigment collected during BPs Deep Water Horizon spill that devistated the region.
Intervention performance of watercolor pigments made from various waterways within the Chesapeake Watershed
Paintings and Process.
Beroun Lost&Found::Flic#k_fl&i%20ck% k*er,=ing 2010 Performed at the CADVC UMBC :: Produced and Lead by Lisa Moren with Alan Kreisenbech :: UMBC IRC Fellowship Students and Theater Students
Analog Waves, June 15 2009
Documents the last hour of analog tv
Beroun VIDEO ARCANE :: Mining a Bowling Ally in Baltimore 2008 UMBC IRC Fellows Project lead by Lisa Moren and exhibited at the Metro Gallery.
Lemons making their own Lemon Meringue Pie Lemons making their own Lemon Meringue Pie
small movie
Récord, Recórd, <i>recollection</i> Récord, Recórd, recollection
Do Nothing Day Do Nothing Day
Cleaning CLEAN
Kinetic and site-specific Installation, Prague, 2006.
Beroun Beroun small movie Workshop and performance lead by Lisa Moren, Beroun, Czech Republic, 2006.
Drawing wtc Drawing wtc small movie Interactive Installation
Felix and Baltimore HANDS-ON Baltimore Bus Ad Project, Baltimore City, 2003.
Cinderella is Missing Cinderella Is Missing small movie An emergent narrative in a live streaming event, 2002.
la_alma la_alma [1999-2002]
MOVIE Interactive Video Installation
A Relieved Soul :: from the scrapbook of la_alma
An experiment documented on video, 1996.
bare, stripped bride bare, stripped bride
small movie Experimental Video, 2002.
Time Forms Live Streaming Performance Event simultaneously transmitted in Baltimore, California, Japan and Croatia, 2001.
Interactive Hand Creme Interactive Hand Creme
small movie Interactive installation and performance, 2001.
Family Tree
An obsolete, early experiment in "HTML Painting" documented on video, 1996.
1939 1939 This HTML Cinema experiments with 1997 code to create a time-based low-tech web experience. Links and images may naturally dissolve away.
Solstice D'ete Solstice d'ete HTML Concrete Poem in Quebec City, 1998. Contemporary technologies have dissolved the function of this concrete poem based on 1998 experiments in HTML.
Hansel + Gretel a conversation, Hansel+Gretel
An early experiment in CD ROMs, the participant controls numerous memories from the incident in the woods, 1994-1996.
Practically Tender Practically Tender
A virtual reality installation, VR, hand knit glove and double tv cozy. [Helmut performed separately at the Banff Centre] 1991-1992..

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