Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses

Last updated: July 14, 2006


The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses on Sexuality/Sexual Orientation. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

Contested Sexualities (Sociology M167)
Linda Van Leuven (UCLA)

Gay and Lesbian History (History 262)
Lynn Gorchov (Oberlin College)

Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English (ENGL 333)
Harriette Andreadis (Texas A & M Univ.)

++ Gay and Lesbian Philosophy (PHIL 407)
Frederick Suppe (Univ. of Maryland, College Park)

+ Gay/Lesbian Politics (POL Y396)
Steve Sanders (Indiana Univ.)

Gender and Sexuality: Ancient and Modern (CLSX 350/HWC 380)
John G. Younger (Univ. of Kansas)

+ Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture (IHSS 1974.01)
Sharra Vostral (RPI)

Gender, Sexuality, and Population
Constance A. Nathanson and Laura Carpenter (Johns Hopkins Univ.)

Gender, Sexuality, and Society (HTS 6109)
(Georgia Tech)

Gender, Sexuality, and the City (G65.1111)
Jessica Sewell (New York Univ.)

++ History, Community, Politics: Emergence of Sexual Minority Voices in the U.S. {A.K.A. 'The Gay Agenda'}(EXP 0027)
Robyn Ochs (Tufts Univ.)

Human Sexuality Education (34.270)
Susan J. Massad (Framingham State College)

+ Lesbian and Gay Cultures (WMNS 333)
Laurie Finke (Kenyon College)

Lesbian and Gay Sport Studies (4930/6931)
Brenda G. Pitts (Florida State Univ.)

Lesbian Lives and Cultures (WS 535)
Bonnie Zimmerman (San Diego State Univ.)

Lesbianisms in Multinational Reception (WMST 494)
Katie King (Univ. of Maryland, College Park)

On Love: Gender, Sexuality, Identity (WS 1261)
Mari Ruti (Harvard Univ.)

++ Playing with Categories: Re-doing the Politics of Sex and Gender (GS 290)
Anne Dalke (Bryn Mawr College)

Rethinking Sex and Gender (WS 4224)
Bernice Hausman (Virginia Tech)

Scientific Perspectives on Sex and Gender (NEW 261Y)
June Larkin, Kathryn Morgan, Bonnie McElhinny (York Univ. [Canada])

Sexual and Gender Identities (SP/WMN 406)
Kim Surkan (MIT)

+ Sexuality: Regulation and Choice (PHI 498/588) [sample syllabus]
David Austin (North Carolina State Univ.)

+ Theorizing Gender (English 5454/WS 5914)
Bernice L. Hausman (Virginia Tech)

Transgressing Binaries: Sex, Gender, Race, and Sexual Orientation (EXP 26)
Robyn Ochs (Tufts Univ.)

+Trans(literation): Literary and Cultural Studies of Gender-Difference (GISP 0007)
(Brown Univ.)

++ Transtudies
(Brown Univ.)

See also Gender and Sexuality in the Americas, in ANTHROPOLOGY; Understanding Sexual Diversity on Campus, in EDUCATION; Human Sexuality, in HEALTH; Gender, Race, and Sexuality and Marriage and Sexuality in Medieval Europe, in HISTORY; Seminar: Topics in Law and Sexuality in LAW; "Classic" Gay and Lesbian Fiction, Gay and Lesbian Self-Inventions from Wilde to Stein, Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Literature, Pre-Stonewall Gay and Lesbian Literature, Voices and Visions: Lesbian Literature, and Women in Literature: Lesbian Fictions in LITERATURE IN ENGLISH; Thinking Sex in PHILOSOPHY; Sexual Orientation and Public Policy: When Worlds Collide, in POLITICAL SCIENCE/INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS; Gender, Identity, and the Information Superhighway: Feminist and Queer Visibility on the Net, in SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY; Gender and Sexuality in Asian American and Women of Color: Genders and Sexualities in WOMEN OF COLOR.

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