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Last updated: July 12, 2006

Science, Math, and Technology syllabi

Science, Math, and Technology

The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses in Science, Math, and Technology. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

Biology and Gender (WS 530)
(Univ. of Wisconsin)

Biology and Gender (WS 530)
Caitilyn Allen (Univ. of Wisconsin)

Biology of Women
Luz P. Mangurian (Towson Univ.)

bodies + machines: interrogating gender + technology in the digital age (COMS 642F)
Mary Flanagan (Concordia University, Canada)

++ Cybergrrls and Wired Women: Gender and Information Technology (WMST 390A)
Sandra Shattuck (Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County)

++ Digital Amazons, Cyborgs, and Wired Women: Gender, Identity, and New Information Technologies (INDS 502Q)
Mary Bryson (Univ. of British Columbia)

Feminism and Science Studies
Laura Kay and Afsaneh Najmabadi (Barnard College)

Feminism, Gender, and Science (WS 1250)
Banu Subramaniam (Harvard Univ.)

Feminist Science Studies for Scientists (WST 6935/ZOO 6927)
M. L. Wayne (Univ. of Florida)

+ From Madame Marie Curie to Agent Dana Scully: Role of Gender in Science and Technology (FYS 172)
Sharon L. Stephenson (Gettysburg College)

+ Gender and Computerization (L597)
Susan Herring (Indiana University)

+ Gender and (Physical) Science
Amy Bug (Swarthmore College)

Gender and Science
Audre Brokes (Haverford College)

++ Gender and Science
Karen Rader (Sarah Lawrence College)

+ Gender and Science (History 16-543-01/Women's Studies 04-543-01)
Elizabeth Green Musselman (Southwestern Univ.)

Gender and Science
Karen Johnson and Valerie Lehr (St. Lawrence Univ.)

++ Gender and Technology (DMS 415, 515)
Mary Flanagan (SUNY, Buffalo)

+ Gendered Techno-Culture (WGST 270)
Ann Marie Nicolosi (The College of New Jersey)

Gendered Technoculture: Sex, Lies, Videotape, and Cyberspace (WMST 320)
Renae Bredin (Calif. State Univ. at Fullerton)

++ Gender, Identity, and the Information Superhighway: Feminist and Queer Visibility on the Net (SWMS 499)
John Waiblinger and Ruth Wallach (Univ. of Southern California)

++ Gendernauts in a Contested Zone: Exploring Gender Identity Media Art in Times of Ongoing Wars of Desire and Technology
Verena Kuni (Univ. of Mainz [Germany])

Gender, Science, and Technology (History of Science 216)
Donald deB. Beaver (Williams College)

Gender, Science, and Technology (HTS 6110)
(Georgia Tech)

++ Gender, Technology, and Computer Culture
Sherry Turkle (MIT)

++ Gender, Technology, and Education (CT 567)
Judy Hansen-Childers (Thomas College)

Gender, Technology, and Information (GRS 390J)
Hillary Hart and Philip Doty (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

Great Women of Science (GEO 499H/599)
Dawn Wright (Oregon State Univ.)

Historical Issues of Gender, Science and Technology (STS/FGSS 640)
Suman Seth (Cornell Univ.)

+ History of Women in Science, Technology, and Medicine (HIST 380)
Amy Bix (Iowa State Univ.)

+ Introduction to Feminist Science Studies
Astrid Schrader (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz)

+ The Man-Made Woman: Technology, Race, and Women's Bodies in the 19th and 20th Century U.S. (Women's Studies 253-003)
Cari M. Carpenter (Univ. of Michigan)

Mathematics and Gender (EDU 745)
Helen M. Doerr (Syracuse Univ.)

+ Mathematics, Gender, and Culture (MAT 391)
John Kellermeier (Tacoma Community College)

+ Race, Gender, and Science (WOST 297B)
Banu Subramaniam (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst)

+ Science and Technology in Women's Lives (WS 595)
Pat Huckle (San Diego State Univ.)

Science, Technology, and Gender (Anthropology 132)
Sarah S. Jain (Stanford University)

Seminar on Gender and Science (WOM 393)
Angela N. H. Creager (Princeton Univ.)

++ Wired Women, CyberChicks, and Surfer Girls: The Literature of Feminist Cyberculture
Dene Grigar (Texas Woman's Univ.)

Women and New Information Technologies (CMNS 486)
Ellen Balka (Simon Fraser Univ., Canada)

+ Women and Science (HUMN 130-01)
Elaine Klett and Bud Luithle (Brookdale Community College)

Women and Science
Nilhan Gunasekera and Holly Hassel (Univ. of Wisconsin - Marathon County)

++ Women and Technology (WS 30)
E. Carr Everbach (Swarthmore College)

+ Women and Technology (WS 483/SI 513)
Bob Frost (Univ. of Michigan)

+ Women and Technology (WMST 3531)
Krista Scott-Dixon (York Univ. [Canada])

Women, Bodies, Technology (WS166)
Verena Conley (Harvard Univ.)

Women, Gender, and Science (HSci5050)
Sally Gregory Kohlstedt (Univ. of Minnesota)

+ Women, Gender and Science (IDNM/WMST 307)
M. Paz Galupo and Gail E. Gasparich (Towson Univ.)

+ Women in Modern Science & Technology (HIS 4528-001)
Jeffrey Johnson (Villanova Univ.)

+ Women in Scientific and Environmental Professions (FOR 496-10)
Diane Kuehn et al. (SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry)

Women in Science (Physics 380)
Heidi L. K. Manning (Concordia College)

Women in Science (EDUC/WOMS 4325)
Ashley Campbell (Univ. of Texas at Arlington)

+ Women in Science and Engineering (Women's Studies/Zoology 383)
Eugenia Farrar et al. (Iowa State Univ.)

+ Women in Science and Technology (First Year Seminar)
Martha Myers (Kennesaw State Univ.)

+ Women in Science, Medicine, and Engineering (GST 1990)
Marsha L. Richmond (Wayne State Univ.)

Women, Society, and Radiation Science (IDNM 309)
Lev Ryzhkov (Towson Univ.)

Women, Technology, and Education (ED:P&L 853)
Suzanne Damarin (Ohio State Univ.)

Women, Technology, and Society (SES 2999)
Alyson E. King (Univ. of Toronto [Canada])

See also Anthropology of Science and Women, Ecology and Development, in ANTHROPOLOGY; Women and Men in the Engineering Workplace and Women in Business, Technology, and Engineering Leadership, in BUSINESS; The Digital Divide: Gender, Technology, and Education, in EDUCATION; Law, Science & Public Policy: Issues of Reproductive Technologies & Genetics, in LAW; Representing Female Bodies: Feminist Novels, Feminist Theory, and 20th-Century Science and Medicine and Studies in Romanticism, Gender, and Technology, in LITERATURE IN ENGLISH; Feminist Challenges to Positivism and Feminist Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science in PHILOSOPHY; Gender and Technology, in POLITICAL SCIENCE/INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS; Mentoring, Gender, and Technology in PSYCHOLOGY; Scientific Perspectives on Sex and Gender, in SEXUALITY; and Electronic Resources in Women's Studies: An Introduction for Scholars, Activists, and Educators and Introduction to Women's Studies: Science/Technology Focus in WOMEN'S STUDIES.

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