Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses

Last updated: July 15, 2006

Political Science/International Relations syllabi

The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses in Political Science/International Relations. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

Center for American Women and Politics: Syllabi on Women and Politics

Feminisms in an International Context (WSP 201/ANT 200)
Beth Berila (Syracuse Univ.)

Feminist Political Thought (Political Science 117.118J)
Elizabeth Wood (MIT)

Feminist Theories of International Relations (PS 75)
B. Welling Hall (Earlham College)

++ Gay/Lesbian Politics (Political Science Y396)
Steve Sanders (Indiana University)

Gender and Technology (POL 391)
Judith Grant (Ohio Univ.)

Gender, Work, and Public Policy (11.237)
Aixa N. Cintrón (M.I.T.)

Global Feminisms (WMST 52/POLSCI 119
Debra Liebowitz (Drew Univ.)

Global Feminisms (WSTU 230)
Barbara Burton (George Washington Univ.)

Global Feminisms: Third World Women's Movements (WSTU 270)
You-me Park (George Washington Univ.)

++International Women's Issues (Women's Studies 350Y)
Donna M. Hughes (Univ. of Rhode Island)

International Women's Movements (WS 530)
Pat Huckle (San Diego State Univ.)

++ The Politics of Family in American Life (GOVT 315)
Valerie Lehr (St. Lawrence Univ.)

The Politics of Gender and Sexuality: French-American Comparisons
Éric Fassin (New York Univ.)

The Politics of Welfare Reform in the United States (GOVT 290)
Valerie Lehr (St. Lawrence Univ.)

Sex, Power, and Politics (WS 375)
Pat Washington (San Diego State Univ.)

Sexual Citizenship (GOVT 370)
Valerie Lehr (St. Lawrence Univ.)

++ Sexual Orientation and Public Policy: When Worlds Collide (PAC 404)
Pat Langley (Univ. of Illinois at Springfield)

+ Title IX and the Politics of Gender Equity (GOVT 580-002)
Leslie T. Annexstein (Rutgers Univ.)

Twentieth-Century Political Theory (PS 113)
E. Victor Wolfenstein (UCLA)

Women and Development (UP 659)
Hermalata C. Dandekar (Univ. of Michigan)

Women and International Development (IE 470)
Sue Ellen Charlton (Colorado State Univ.)

+ Women and Politics (Political Science 4/5)
Carolyn M. Shrewsbury (Mankato State Univ.)

Women and Politics (POLISCI 149)
Carole Pateman (UCLA)

+ Women and Politics in the U.S. (POL 446)
Sara L. Zeigler (Eastern Kentucky Univ.)

Women and Public Policy (WSTU 240)
Cynthia Harrison (George Washington Univ.)

++ Women and Public Policy (WSTU 240)
Cynthia Deitch (George Washington University)

Women and Third World Politics (POS BC 3414y)
Leslie Calman (Barnard College)

Women as Voters, Candidates, and Leaders (POS BC 3301)
Kathleen Knight (Barnard College)

++ Women, Ecology, and Development (SOCA303)
Santi Rozario (Univ. of Newcastle, Australia)

Women, Gender, and Latin American Politics (POS BC 3400)
Elizabeth Friedman (Barnard College)

Women in American Government and Business (PS 207)
William Martin Sloane (Wilson College)

Women in Contemporary Global Context (EWS 380)
Parvin Abyaneh (California State Univ., Pomona)

Women in Development (GSS 371)
Daphne W. Ntiri (Wayne State Univ.)

Women in Japan
George L. Parmental (Rhode Island College)

+ Women's Activism in Global Perspective (WGS 44)
Amrita Basu et al. (Amherst College)

See also Development Anthropology: Applied Approaches to Gender and Development , in ANTHROPOLOGY; Gender and the Global Economy in GEOGRAPHY; Gender, Genre and Political Transformations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, in HISTORY; Gender, Law & Politics and Survey of Women, Law, and Public Policy in the United States, in LAW; Gay/Lesbian Politics, in SEXUALITY/SEXUAL ORIENTATION; Gender Violence in Global Perspective and On Trial: Affirmative Action at the Dawn of a New Century, in SOCIOLOGY; Asian Women, Women and Third World Politics, Women of the Middle East, and Women, Violence, Resistance: Philippines, Vietnam, India, in WOMEN OF COLOR; and Fundamentals of Feminist Thought and Materialist Feminisms, in WOMEN'S STUDIES.

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