Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses

Last updated: July 15, 2006

Geography syllabi


The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related Geography courses. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

Feminist Geographies (Geography 424)
Juanita Sundberg (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada)

Gender and Geography (GEO 426)
Meghan Cope and LaDona Knigge (SUNY, Buffalo)

+ Gender and the Global Economy (GEOG/WS 3672)
Donna Rubinoff (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)

Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change: Issues and Concepts (FW 858)
(Michigan State Univ.)

Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change: Methodology and Application (ANP 859)
(Michigan State Univ.)

Gender, Population, and Migration (AK/GEOG 3400)
Joseph Mensah (York Univ. [Canada])

Geography of Gender (GEO 480/580)
Margaret M. Gripshover (Marshall Univ.)

Geography of Gender (Geography 412)
Ann Oberhauser (West Virginia Univ.)

+ Population, Environment & Development: Critical Issues/Feminist Perspectives (WS 131:150/GEOG 44:197/297)
Jael Silliman (Univ. of Iowa)

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