Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses

Last updated: July 8, 2006

Business Administration

Business Administration

The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses in business administration/management. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

Diversity at Work (Psyc 403)
Peter Bachiochi (Eastern Connecticut State Univ.)

Gender and Diversity in Organizations (MGMT 476/WORST 497)
Jasmine Tata (Loyola Univ. of Chicago)

Gender and Diversity in the Workplace (MGMT 339)
Gary N. Powell (Univ. of Connecticut)

Gender Issues in Management (MGT 462/591)
Mary Tucker (Ohio Univ.)

+ Gender Issues in Management (AK/ADMS 3120)
M. Louise Ripley (York Univ. [Canada])

Women and Men in the Engineering Workplace (WS/IE 325x)
Carolyn D. Heising (Iowa State Univ.)

Women at Work: Gendered Experiences of Corporate Life (WS 150.2)
Martha Reeves (Duke Univ.)

+ Women in Business, Technology & Engineering Leadership (BUS 407)
Don and Ruth Gibbs (Oregon Institute of Technology)

See also Women in American Government & Business, in POLITICAL SCIENCE/INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

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