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Last updated: July 9, 2006

Literature in English

Literature in English

The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses dealing with Literature in English. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

+ African American Women Playwrights (English 3218)
R. L. Widmann (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)

+ African Women Writers (English 17)
Touria Khannous (Brown Univ.)

++American Authors: American Women Authors (Literature 21L.512)
Wyn Kelley (MIT)

+ American Women Poets and their Readers: Modernists (English 599/799/WGS 599)
Richard Flynn (Georgia Southern Univ.)

Arab Women Authors (ENG 394)
Heather Hoyt (Arizona State Univ.)

The Art and Politics of Black Women Writers
Heather Hathaway (Marquette Univ. & CEPACS)

Asian American Women Writers (English 368A)
Caroline Chung Simpson (Univ. of Washington)

++ Canon Revision (ENG 236)
Alan Liu (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)

Christine de Pizan in Fifteenth-Century England (English 415)
Jane Chance (Rice Univ.)

+ Contemporary Critical Theory and Edith Wharton's Fiction (English 501.04)
Stephan Flores (Univ. of Idaho)

++ The Early Romantic Period: 1789 to 1816 (ENG 441B)
Laura Mandell (Miami Univ.)

Faulkner and Morrison (English 465)
Catherine Gunther Kodat (Hamilton College)

+ Female Dramatists of the English Seventeenth Century (English 1710b)
Kathy Acheson (Univ. of Waterloo, Canada)

++ Feminist Literary Criticism (ENGL 436/636)
Elisa Kay Sparks (Clemson Univ.)

+ Feminist Literary Theory: Seminar (English 6613)
Deborah K. Chappel (Arkansas State Univ.)

Feminist Perspectives on Pedagogy and Academe: Feminist Academic Memoir (WS 5984)
Bernice L. Hausman (Virginia Tech)

Feminist Transformations: Retellings of Myth, Folktale, and Narrative (English/WS 377)
Phyllis Gorfain (Oberlin College)

Fictions of Female Development (English 133)
Kathie Linehan (Oberlin College)

Figures on the Margin: The Language of Gender in British Romanticism
Susan Wolfson (Princeton Univ. - course is at W. Va Univ.)

++ Freedom in Women's Eyes (WMS/ENL 347)
L. Kamm (U. Mass - Dartmouth)

+ Gender, Art, and Society (Humanities 102)
Alyssa J. O'Brien (Univ. of Rochester)

Gender Criticism (EN 398/698)
Glynis Carr (Bucknell Univ.)

++ Gender, Ethnicity, and the Fictional Female Body (English 680)
Michele Janette (Kansas State Univ.)

++ Gender, Law, and the Gothic (English 250)
Michael Gamer (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Gender Roles/Gender Identities (English 154)
Sarah Kelen (Oberlin College)

Gender, Space, Place, and Travel (English 570)
Susan Bernstein (Univ. of Wisconsin)

History, Nation, and Gender in Post-Colonial Narratives (English 361)
Anuradha Dingwaney Needham (Oberlin College)

Images of Joan of Arc (ENGL 346/WMST 390)
Gail Orgelfinger (UMBC)

Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Literature (English 117)
Keith Dorwick (Univ. of Illinois, Chicago)

++ Inventing the Subject: Gender, Sex, and Texts, 350-1400 (English 159/559)
Martin Irvine (Georgetown Univ.)

++ Jane Austen and the Political Novel (English 553.601)
Daniel Traister (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

++ Jane Austen and Popular Culture (English 101)
Michael Gamer (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Jane Austen in Context (ENG 327)
C. L. Johnson (Princeton Univ.)

+ Jane Austen Study Tour (ENG 350)
Julie Shaffer (Univ. of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)

++ Landscape, Gender, and Power in Early Modern England (ENGL 496A)
Kari Boyd McBride (Univ. of Arizona)

Literary Criticism: "Subject to Desire" (English 495.01)
Stephan Flores (Univ. of Idaho)

+ Literary Interpretation: Virginia Woolf's Shakespeare (Literature 21L.701)
Diana Henderson (MIT)

++ Literature by Black Women Writers (English 4984)
V. Fowler et al. (Virginia Tech)

A Literature of Their Own? Women Writing - Venice, London, Paris - 1550-1700
NEH Seminar, 2001

++ Major Authors: Melville and Morrison (Literature 21L.705)
Wyn Kelley (MIT)

++ Medieval Literature: Medieval Women Writers (LIT 21L.460/WMN.514)
James Cain (MIT)

+ Medieval Women: Tradition and Counter-Tradition (MVST 221)
Deborah Everhart (Georgetown Univ.)

Medieval Women Writers (English 302)
Jennifer Bryan (Oberlin College)

Modern Fiction and Sexual Difference (English 338)
David Walker (Oberlin College)

++ 19th Century U. S. Women Writers (EN 214)
Glynis Carr (Bucknell Univ.)

Poetics: Sexuality and Space in 17th - 19th Century American Literature (English 39)
Susan Howe (SUNY, Buffalo)

+ Poetry by Women (ENG 287)
Lee Sharkey (Univ. of Maine at Farmington)

++ Post Modern Speculative Fiction: Fe(M)ale (English 4784)
Len Hatfield (Virginia Tech)

Post-Stonewall Gay and Lesbian Literature (ENGL/LGBS M101B)
Arthur L. Little, Jr. (UCLA)

+ Prose by Women 1994-2006 (English 3217)
R. L. Widmann (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)

Representing Women and Legal Identity (English 550)
Elise Bruhl and Michael Gamer (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Restoration and Early 18th-Century British Literature: Love, Marriage, Sex, Infidelity, and Distress (English 540)
Stephan Flores (Univ. of Idaho)

Restoration and 18th-Century British Literature: Nation, Gender, Class (English 456)
Stephan Flores (Univ. of Idaho)

++ Rethinking Literary History: the 18th- and Early 19th-Century British Novel (ENG 630)
Laura Mandell (Miami Univ.)

Sex and Gender in the Middle Ages (ENGL 301)
Maud McInerney (Haverford College)

+ Special Topics in 18th-C. Literature: Transatlantic Depictions of Race and Gender (ENG 422)
Roxanne Kent-Drury (Northern Kentucky Univ.)

++ Studies in Women Writers (English 2264)
Jennifer Mooney (Virginia Tech)

+ The 'Tenth Muse' Phenomenon (CompLit 181)
Stephanie Merrim (Brown Univ.)

Toni Morrison (English 444)
Noelle Morrissette (Oberlin College)

+ 20th Century U. S. Women Writers (EN215)
Glynis Carr (Bucknell Univ.)

Venus Rising: Fiction, Criticism and Theory by Black Women
Farah Griffin (Univ. of Pennsylvania & CEPACS)

+ Virginia Woolf's Shakespeare (LIT 21L.701/WMN.430)
Diana Henderson (MIT)

++ Women and 18th Century Literature (ENG 422/655/WMS 390)
Roxanne Kent-Drury (Northern Kentuck Univ.)

++ Women and Poetry in the 18th Century
Carol Elaine Percy (Univ. of Toronto)

+ Women and Writing: Revisiting Virginia Woolf (ENG 105-4)
Alyssa J. O'Brien (Cornell Univ.)

Women and Writing: Women's Multi-Media Autobiographies (ENG 105-5)
Alyssa J. O'Brien (Cornell Univ.)

Women, Gender and Race in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (ENGL 3217)
R. L. Widmann (Univ. of Colorado)

+ Women in American Literature (English 332)
Kristi Larkin Havens (Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville)

++ Women in Literature (English 307)
(Athabasca Univ. [Canada])

+ Women in Literature (GEN 2002)
Kimberly M. Radek (Illinois Valley Community College)

+ Women in Literature (ENG 360)
Emily Allen (Purdue Univ.)

+ Women in Literature I (ENG 273)
Thomas L. Long (Thomas Nelson Community College)

Women in Literature: Lesbian Fictions (ENGL/WS 315)
Suzanne Raitt (Univ. of Michigan)

++ Women in Victorian Literature (ENGL 2305)
M. Perkins (Univ. of Houston)

++ Women, Law, and the Gothic (English 550/WS 640)
Michael Gamer (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

++Women Mystery and Detective Fiction Writers & the Rise of Feminism (ID255)
Randy Abbott (Univ. of Evansville)

Women, Nature, and Consciousness: Seminar in Ecofeminism (English 498)
Glynis Carr (Bucknell Univ.)

Women's Biography and Autobiography (ENG 387)
Jane Olmsted (Western Kentucky Univ.)

Women's Poetry (ENG 496/G)
Elizabeth Oakes (Western Kentucky Univ.)

+ Women's Popular Genres: Romance and Sentimentality (E314L)
Jan Fernheimer (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

Women's Writing and Film in Latin America and the Caribean (WS 1202)
Brad Epps (Harvard Univ.)

Women With Disabilities: Representations in Art, Literature, and Film (ECSE 6903/WS 5663)
Beth A. Ferri (Texas Woman's Univ.)

++ Women Writers (ENG/WST 384 )
Ann M. Woodlief (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

++ Women Writers (ENG 211)
Kristi Siegel

Women Writers from 1400 to 1900 (English 283)
Jane Chance (Rice Univ.)

+ Women Writers of the Near and Far East (ANELL 200)
N. Berg et al. (Washington Univ.)

+ Women Writers Re-Presenting Marriage (English 4784)
Bernice L. Hausman (Virginia Tech)

See also Writing about Film: Constructions of Gender on Page & Screen, in FILM; Joan of Arc in History, Literature, and Film, Women, Culture, and Ideas in U.S. History, and Women's History and Feminist Theory, in HISTORY; Feminist Linguistic Theory and 19th-Century British Women Writers, in LANGUAGE/LINGUISTICS; Feminist Theory, Law, and Literature, in LAW; Prima Donna, (Pre) Madonna: Cultural Constructions of Women in Music and Literature, in MUSIC; Critical Theories: Gay & Lesbian Literature, Forms of Desire: Lesbian and Gay Literature, and Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English, in SEXUALITY; Black Women's Narrative from Slavery to the Harlem Renaissance, Introduction to Chicana/o Literature, and Meditations on History: Black Women, Writing and Slavery, in WOMEN OF COLOR; and Issues for Women in the Humanities: Technologies of Representation and A Sample 16th and 17th Century Women's Studies Syllabus in WOMEN'S STUDIES.

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