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Last updated: Sept. 7, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L file collection didn't fit easily into many of the other topical sections:

Changing the "Second Shift"
(What kinds of social changes--large and small--might change the "second shift"? WMST-L discussion, April 2009)

Consciousness Raising Groups
(A discussion about consciousness raising groups of the 1960s and '70s and the use of CR groups today in the classroom and elsewhere. WMST-L, February 2010)

Does the Fetus Begin as Female?
(WMST-L discussion, April 2000)

Discussions about Beauty Issues
(A query about good discussions of beauty issues--"makeup, high heels, etc."--elicited the suggestions offered in this file. WMST-L discussion, October 2008)

The Effects of Title IX
(WMST-L discussion from June 2002 about the effects of Title IX, both in sports and beyond.)

Family Responsibilities and Academic Work
(WMST-L discussion in November 2001 resulting from the AAUP's "Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work." Concern was expressed about who was and was not covered and the fairness/wisdom of dealing with the tenure issue in this way. See also the earlier file, Maternity/Family Leave.)

The Female Gaze
(We often hear about the male gaze, but is there also a female gaze? If so, to what does the term refer? WMST-L discussion, March 2008)

Feminist Bloggers
(This WMST-L discussion from May 2005 seeks to identify interesting female and, especially, feminist bloggers.)

Feminist Criticism of the Media
(Suggestions for works about and/or examples of feminist criticism of the media appropriate for an undergraduate class. WMST-L discussion, January 2004.)

Feminist TV Characters
(Identification of television characters more contemporary than Murphy Brown who are 'unselfconsciously feminist.' WMST-L discussion, March 2004.)

Finding Collections of Feminist Periodicals
(Discussion of how and where to find archived collections of feminist newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. WMST-L, October 2004.)

Gifts for Women's Studies Graduates
(What kind of gift might be appropriate for a Women's Studies Program to give to its students when they graduate? WMST-L discussion, April 2006)

History of Battered Women's Shelters
(Discussion of the first battered women's shelter and who started it. WMST-L, April 2001.)

Household Division of Labor
(Discussion of gender beliefs and the household division of labor; consideration also of research methodology. WMST-L, September 2002.)

Humorous Short Stories by Women
(Suggestions for humorous short stories by women appropriate for use in an Intro to Women's Literature course. WMST-L discussion, May 2009)

Indexing a Book: The Pros and Cons
(Is it necessary to create an index for a book one writes/edits? If so, what is the best way to do this? Can creating an index be a "feminist act"? WMST-L discussion, February 2009)

March of the Penguins: Some Perspectives
(A discussion of feminist and non-feminist perspectives on the film "March of the Penguins." WMST-L, August 2005.)

Maternity/Family Leave
(Discussion of maternity/parental/family leave policies at U. S. institutions of higher learning, as well as some discussion of the implications of gender-neutral language for maternity leave and discussion of the Family Leave Act. These messages appeared on WMST-L in 1997-1999. Also of interest may be a file from 2001, Family Responsibilities and Academic Work.)

Menstruation: A List of Sources
(A 1996 bibliography compiled by Paula Wansbrough and WMST-L member Kathleen O'Grady. 2 parts)

Menstruation and Religion: A List of Sources
(A 1998 bibliography compiled by WMST-L member Kathleen O'Grady.)

The MIT Discrimination Report: "Junk Science"?
(WMST-L discussions in December 1999 and February 2001, prompted by criticism of the MIT report admitting that the institution had discriminated against female faculty members. 2 parts)

Music of Women's Struggles and Recovery
(Suggestions for music dealing with women's struggles and recovery. WMST-L discussion, March/April 2004.)

Obstacles to Women's Use of the Internet
(A brief discussion of resources about obstacles to women's use of the Internet. WMST-L,, November 2004.)

Origin of Women's History Month
(Some answers to the perennial question.)

The Politics of Marriage
(Resources concerning the politics of marriage, with particular focus on same-sex marriage. WMST-L discussion, March 2004. See also the 2009 file The Appeal of (Same-Sex) Marriage)

Readings on Women's Magazines
(Suggested readings for an upper-level course on Women's Magazines and the Contstruction of Gender. WMST-L discussion, November 2006)

Statistics on Women
(Some suggestions for where to find varied statistics on women. WMST-L discussion, August 2008)

Using Facebook in the Classroom
(Should professors use social media such as Facebook in their courses? This WMST-L discussion from May 2010 looks at some of the advantages and problems of using Facebook in the classroom.)

Widowhood from a Feminist Perspective
(Resources about widowhood, with an emphasis on feminist and international perspectives. WMST-L discussion, February 2010)

Women and Sports
(A two-part WMST-L discussion from December 2004. Part 1 deals with literature that addresses women's experiences as athletes, while Part 2 concerns feminist analyses of sports.)

Women and the Body
(A WMST-L discussion from March/April 2006 and some additional messages from May 2008 identify sources associating women with the body.)

Women and Visual Culture: Texts
(Discussion of texts for a course on Women and Visual Culture. WMST-L, November/December 2006.)

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