Mud Caves #2    2017, UV-cured pigment on polycarbonate, mechanism, sync strobe, 47"x47"x4"

For the creation of Mud Caves #2, I camped in and hiked through a desert canyon-land two hours east of San Diego, CA. I searched for kinetic moments in this stillest places, soon realizing it was my own changing perspective that created motion. I took sequences of photos as I moved past and around the formations that were sculpted by water over millions of years. The artwork is my own temporal version of the traditional western landscape panorama.

Mud Caves    2016, layered cut inkjet prints, video

Williamsburg Bridge     2018, UV-cured pigment on polycarbonate, steel mechanism, electronics, strobe; 46"x46"x4"

A temporal portrait of the iconic East River span that collages shifting perspectives a pedestrian or cyclist experiences when traversing the elevated paths, along with repeated forms played back like strips of motion picture film and MTA trains that move like an engine’s pistons.

Baldwin Geotrope #1     2016, video, 2:03

An experiment in landscape-based animated form, the shape was cut into dense grass then photographed with a drone and spun in the computer.