Loom #2 - #4    2020, UV-cured pigment on vinyl and polycarbonate, mechanism, sync strobe, 47"x47"x4"

The Looms series began as imagery for Shake the World, a performance project circling around the teachings of Gandhi, one aspect of which was gaining freedom through self-sufficiency. Gandhi made his own thread and clothing then spread these skills across India. Spinning thread doubled as his morning mediation, a practice he maintained throughout his life. The motion and forms of these works draw from thread-spinning and weaving, and the materials are plywood, nails, and yarn - materials which reflected my own self-sufficiency since during COVID’s lock-downs I stuck with stuff I had around the house.

Loom #1    2018, 47"x47"x3", nails, cotton yarn, plywood, acrylics, spin mechanism, sync strobe.

This artwork is completed, final documentation video forthcoming.