WMST-L File Collection:

Information about WMST-L

Last updated: Mar. 10, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L file collection offer information about the list itself:

How to Search the WMST-L Logfiles
(Every message sent to WMST-L is automatically saved in the logfiles. These can be searched quickly and easily by keyword, sender, date, or a combination of these. Here are illustrated instructions for how to perform such a search. NOTE: Only current WMST-L subscribers may search the logfiles.)

How to Stop Sending Attachments/HTML
(E-mail attachments and HTML messages are banned on WMST-L and a number of other lists. This file explains the problem and how to deal with it. It offers specific advice for people using Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook or Exchange, Eudora, AOL 6, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, and more.)

Never Send a Virus Warning to WMST-L!
(The title says it all. The message includes links to some virus hoax sites where you can check up on so-called virus warnings.)

Using WMST-L's Web Interface
(Illustrated instructions for using WMST-L's web interface. The interface enables you to subscribe, unsubscribe, change your WMST-L options, read messages, search the logfiles, and more.)

What is WMST-L?
(Description of WMST-L; includes instructions for how to subscribe.)

The WMST-L User's Guide
(The Source of All Wisdom)

WMST-L Digest and Index Options
(An illustrated guide explaining the various digest and index versions offered by WMST-L.)

WMST-L's Focus: An Explanation
(Why the list's focus is somewhat narrow)

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