Never Send a Virus Warning to WMST-L!

The "Good Times" virus is a tired hoax, as are "sulfnbk.exe," "Join the Crew," and 99.9% of all other so-called virus warnings. The damage is done not by a virus but by people spreading misinformation and panic. Thus, NEVER SEND A VIRUS WARNING TO WMST-L.

If you receive a virus warning, the FIRST thing to do is consult one of the many good virus hoax sites such as the following to see whether your so-called virus is included among their listings of hoaxes:

Datafellows Hoax Warnings
Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center
McAfee Virus Hoax Listings

If you've checked these sites and don't see any evidence that your warning is a hoax, e-mail me PRIVATELY about the supposed virus. If it turns out that the warning is warranted, I'll send an announcement to WMST-L. Please do not write to me about viruses unless you're a WMST-L subscriber AND you've checked with these hoax sites first.

Many thanks.

Joan Korenman, WMST-L Listowner

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