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WMST-L is an international electronic forum for people involved in Women's Studies as teachers, researchers, librarians, and/or program administrators. It offers a rapid and cost-free way for participants to ask questions and exchange information about the academic side of Women's Studies: current research, teaching strategies, useful texts and films, online resources, innovative courses, building Women's Studies majors, minors, and graduate programs, and other academic issues. WMST-L also welcomes announcements about relevant conferences, calls for papers, job opportunities, publications, and the like. It also makes available a very extensive online collection of files related to Women's Studies.

Because of heavy mail volume, WMST-L must adhere to its relatively narrow scope. It is NOT a list for discussing male/female relations or other gender-related societal issues, nor is it the place for undergraduates to seek help with term papers or projects.

Established in May 1991, WMST-L now has several thousand subscribers in dozens of countries around the world, ranging from the United States and Canada to Brazil, Germany, Israel, India, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia.

Anyone with computer access to the Internet can subscribe to WMST-L. There is no charge. To subscribe, send the following command via e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU : Subscribe WMST-L Your Name. For example,

Subscribe WMST-L Jane Doe

Be sure to put this in the body of the message, not in the subject header. You will receive a message back asking you to confirm your subscription request either by clicking on the link in the message or by using your mail system's REPLY feature and typing the word OK. That's all the body of your reply should say: OK.

Once you subscribe, you will receive via electronic mail all messages that are sent to WMST-L, and you may also send messages for distribution to subscribers (only subscribers may post messages). A daily digest version is also available for those who would prefer to receive fewer individual messages. Messages for distribution (announcements, questions, replies, etc.) should include your name and email address inside the message and should be sent to WMST-L@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU . Please note: only messages that you want everyone to read should be sent to this address. All subscription-related commands (subscribe, signoff, etc.) should go to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU . For more information than any normal human being would want to know about WMST-L's policies and procedures, see the WMST-L User's Guide.

If you have questions about WMST-L, contact the moderators at WMST-L-Request@listserv.umd.edu.

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