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Last updated: Aug. 13, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L file collection focus on women's studies / women's issues in academia:

The Academic Job Market
( April/May 1995; 3 parts)

Academic Job Searches in Women's Studies: A Bibliography (Updated)
(WMST-L member Katherine Side prepared the first version of this bibliography for the 1997 NWSA conference and updated it in 2003.)

Applying for an Academic Job
(August 1994)

Backlash: Girls vs. Boys
(WMST-L discussion in April 2003 about a backlash against women's and girls' achievement in education, both in the United States and abroad. See also the earlier WMST-L discussion The War Against Boys.)

Barbara Jordan, E. Bradford Burns, and Me: Coming Out in Public Life
(An essay by WMST-L member Rosa Maria Pegueros that considers issues involved in coming out in political and academic life.)

'Burnout' in Women's Studies
(Discussion of 'burnout' among people teaching Women's Studies, though some participants point out that the phenomenon occurs in other fields as well. 2-part WMST-L discussion. November 2001)

Daphne Patai, Women's Studies, and the Chronicle
(A WMST-L discussion concerning an essay about women's studies by Daphne Patai in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the wisdom of the Chronicle's choice of Patai to discuss the state of women's studies. October/November 2000. 3 parts.)

The Effects of Title IX
(WMST-L discussion from June 2002 about the effects of Title IX, both in sports and beyond.)

Family Responsibilities and Academic Work
(WMST-L discussion in November 2001 resulting from the AAUP's "Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work." Concern was expressed about who was and was not covered and the fairness/wisdom of dealing with the tenure issue in this way. See also the earlier file, Maternity/Family Leave.)

Finding Academic Job Announcements
(Two brief WMST-L discussions in October 2003 focused on where to look for academic jobs in Women's Studies and for academic jobs in general in institutions that prize teaching above research.)

Gender and Teaching Evaluation
(The effect of gender on evaluating teaching. WMST-L, January 1993. Of related interest is Student Ratings of Professors are not Gender Blind, an essay by WMST-L member Susan Basow.)

Gender and Teaching Evaluation II
(Additional discussions of the effect of gender on teaching evaluations, one from December 2000/January 2001, the other from September 2002. See also the preceding file.)

Gifts for Women's Studies Graduates
(What kind of gift might be appropriate for a Women's Studies Program to give to its students when they graduate? WMST-L discussion, April 2006)

Girls' Studies and Women's Studies
(WMST-L discussion in December 2001 (with a followup in January 2002) about the relationship between Girls' Studies and Women's Studies and whether Girls' Studies should be a separate discipline.)

Indexing a Book: The Pros and Cons
(Is it necessary to create an index for a book one writes/edits? If so, what is the best way to do this? Can creating an index be a "feminist act"? WMST-L discussion, February 2009)

Maternity/Family Leave
(Discussion of maternity/parental/family leave policies at U. S. institutions of higher learning, as well as some discussion of the implications of gender-neutral language for maternity leave and discussion of the Family Leave Act. These messages appeared on WMST-L in 1997-1999. Also of interest may be a file from 2001, Family Responsibilities and Academic Work.)

The MIT Discrimination Report: "Junk Science"?
(WMST-L discussions in December 1999 and February 2001, prompted by criticism of the MIT report admitting that the institution had discriminated against female faculty members. 2 parts)

The Need for Women's Studies Programs
(Brief discussion of resources dealing with the need for Women's Studies programs. WMST-L discussion, August 2000.)

Novels about Women and Education
(Recommended academic novels and films, some focusing on students, others on faculty. April 1996)

Online Degrees in Women's Studies
(Information about institutions offering online degrees in Women's Studies at either the undergraduate or the graduate level. WMST-L query, May 2003; updated 2005, 2007, and 2010.)

A Ph.D. in Women's Studies?
(Should we advise students to get a Ph.D. in Women's Studies? April 1997 discussion)

Pop Culture and the Curriculum
(What is the worth of popular culture? Are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nancy Drew legitimate objects of study? Is their inclusion in the curriculum a sign that standards have been lowered? A lenthy discussion of this and some related issues took place on WMST-L in September 2006. This five-part file focuses primarily on the part of the discussion concerned with pop culture.)

Ranking Women's Studies Journals
(A discussion of what the top journals are in Women's Studies, and the problems involved in trying to make such an assessment. WMST-L, February 2002 and October 2005.)

Requirements for the Women's Studies Major
(This discussion of the requirements for the Women's Studies major at various U.S. institutions took place on WMST-L in September 2003)

Service Learning Courses for Women's Studies
(Some suggested resources for service learning courses in Women's Studies. WMST-L discussion, October 2002. See also the 2005 discussion Service Learning in Women's Studies)

Service Learning in Women's Studies
(An April 2005 WMST-L discussion of suggested resources and strategies for service learning in Women's Studies. See also an earlier discussion, Service Learning Courses for Women's Studies.)

Sex Between Faculty and Students?
(A discussion of the contentious issue of sexual relations between faculty and students. The discussion took place on WMST-L in April 1994; it has been divided into two parts because of its length.)

Using Facebook in the Classroom
(Should professors use social media such as Facebook in their courses? This WMST-L discussion from May 2010 looks at some of the advantages and problems of using Facebook in the classroom.)

The War Against Boys
(2-part WMST-L discussion of Christina Hoff Sommers' Atlantic Monthly article, "The War Against Boys." WMST-L, May/June 2000. See also a later WMST-L discussion of the backlash issue, Backlash: Girls vs. Boys.)

Where to Publish Undergraduate Research
(Suggestions for where to publish undergraduate research in Women's Studies. WMST-L discussion, May 2003, with some material added later.)

Why Not a Feminist Overhaul of Higher Education?
(A 1998 essay by WMST-L member Daphne Patai. Written in response to Vision 2000, the essay was originally published in the Chronicle of Higher Education.)

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