Implant     2015, mixed media, 104"x52"x56"

Implant is an imaginary medical device that fits around the optic nerve. It is super-enlarged, making the viewer feel microscopic. Viewers explore the cylindrical spinning sculpture with handheld strobe lights, discovering thousands of colorful, fluffy, and sinister nanobots (cell-sized robots) performing unknown tasks and a spiral of organic-synthetic gears on the tube’s interior. Diagnosed with a degenerative genetic retinal disease at the age of 14, I've closely followed developments in gene therapy, including the insertion of healthy genes into the body using viruses. With Implant I play with the paradoxical threat and promise of bleeding-edge, anatomically invasive, borderline miraculous, potentially rampant medical practices.

Copenhagen Cycles Journey (video, 2015) was the Times Square Midnight Moment, all of July, 2015.

Copenhagen Cycles installation    2007, cut injket prints, motors, live video, single-channel video

Sundance Film Festival New Frontier exhibition

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Ronald Feldman Gallery

Bellows    2008, 3D-printed zoetrope-sculptures painted with acylics, motors, live video