Project Site: Enhancing Mobile Device Users' Levels of Situational Awareness through Tactile Feedback

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the project is to investigate ways to design tactile feedback to increase levels of situational awareness among mobile device users engaged within a task where the eyes are occupied. The project specifically aims to focus on manipulating parameters of touch (e.g. frequency, waveform, spatial location) to form unique distinctive meaningful cues (termed 'tactons'), presented via a head-mounted interface. The tactons are designed to communicate the presence of obstacles or activity within the user's vicinity. Using the feedback provided by the situational awareness solution, it is hypothesized that the user can more effectively decide whether to respond to the threat by moving away from the obstacle, or by diverting attention from the mobile interface, to visually-assess the environment to make an informed decision on how to proceed.


The project is supported by the National Science Foundation - Award No. 1352924.


Interface Development

Headset prototype demonstrated by researchers

C2 tactors integrated with prototype to present vibrations to sites on the head

Software used to control tactile feedback

Researcher using headset prototype

C2 tactors integrated with headset (

Software to control vibrations to sites at the head




For Further Details:

Dr. Ravi Kuber

ITE 435


1000 Hilltop Circle

Baltimore, MD 21250


Phone: (410) 455-3268

Email: rkuber AT umbc DOT edu



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