All sections of CMSC 341 will have the same programming projects. However, lectures, exams and grading will vary by section. You must attend the lecture for your own section. Be sure to consult the section homepages for more information.
NB: The final exam will be held on a common date/time, to be determined, but the contents of the exams will vary.

Section Instructor Days Time Location
01 Benjamin Johnson Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am — 11:15am Sherman 151
02 Benjamin Johnson Tuesday & Thursday 2:30pm —3:45pm Sherman 145
03 Adam Bargteil Monday & Wednesday 2:30pm —3:45pm Sherman 145
04 John Park Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am — 11:15am PAHB 234
05 Benjamin Johnson Tuesday & Thursday 11:30am — 12:45pm Sherman 151
06 Scott Almes Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm — 6:45pm Math & Psych 101
08 Edward Raff Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm — 6:45pm Math & Psych 103