WMST-L File Collection:

Girls and Young Women

Last updated: August 27, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L file collection focus on girls and/or young women:

Backlash: Girls vs. Boys
(WMST-L discussion in April 2003 about a backlash against women's and girls' achievement in education, both in the United States and abroad. See also the earlier WMST-L discussion The War Against Boys.)

Barbie Info
(Resources for information about Barbie, a doll very popular and influential with many young girls. The resources were offered on WMST-L in May 2000)

Body Image and Young Girls
(Responses to a 1998 WMST-L query seeking suggested books, videos, etc. that encourage more positive body image among young girls.)

Books on/for Young Feminists
(Recommended books and other works on/by/for young feminists. WMST-L discussion, January 2004.)

Cutting/Self-Mutilation among Adolescent Girls
(Resources about cutting and self-mutilation among adolescent girls. WMST-L discussion, January 2005.)

Domestic Violence Training for High School Guidance Teachers
(Suggested resources for contructing a curriculum to help train high school guidance teachers about domestic violence (dating violence). WMST-L discussion, March 2004.)

Female Adolescent Experience: Suggestions for a Course
(Suggested texts and strategies for a course on "The Female Adolescent Experience." WMST-L discussion, July 1999)

Girl Power and Girl Audiences
(A discussion of work on the rise of 'girl power' in the media and Western culture and on girls as consumers/audiences of popular culture texts. WMST-L, May 2004.)

The Girl Power Movement and Feminism
(A discussion of the "girl power movement," with some attention to its relationship to feminism. WMST-L discussion, October/November 2000).

Girls and the Internet
(Responses to a June 2002 query concerning studies done on girls and the Internet and/or World Wide Web.)

Girls' Studies and Women's Studies
(WMST-L discussion in December 2001 (with a followup in January 2002) about the relationship between Girls' Studies and Women's Studies and whether Girls' Studies should be a separate discipline.)

Growing Up Female in Fiction and Film
(Suggestions for books and films relevant to a course on growing up female/female coming-of-age. A two-part file from October/November 1993 and December 1997. Of related interest may be Women's Autobiography.)

Non-Sexist Books for Children
(Suggestions for finding non-sexist books for children. WMST-L discussion, September 2004.)

Novels for High School Women's Studies
(Suggestions for novels and other texts appropriate for a high school women's studies course. WMST-L discussion, October 2002.)

The Pink Video "Stupid Girls"
(WMST-L discussion from May 2006 offering responses to the Pink video "Stupid Girls.")

Readings for a Feminist Bat Mitzvah
(This WMST-L discussion from November 2005 offers suggested readings for a feminist bat mitzvah [a ceremony celebrating a Jewish girl's coming of age].)

Teaching Language and Gender Issues to Teens
(WMST-L discussion, January 1997)

Teaching Sapphire's Novel Push
(A discussion of resources and strategies for teaching Sapphire's novel push. WMST-L, November 2009.)

The War Against Boys
(2-part WMST-L discussion of Christina Hoff Sommers' Atlantic Monthly article, "The War Against Boys." WMST-L, May/June 2000. See also a later WMST-L discussion of the backlash issue, Backlash: Girls vs. Boys.)

'Waves' of Feminism
(A lengthy WMST-L discussion from May/June 2002 that focused at the start on the book Jane Sexes It Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire and evolved to consider as well the notion of "waves" of feminism, especially second and third-wave feminism. A few additional messages from 2002 and 2003 (including a brief third-wave bibliography) appear at the end. See also the earlier discussion Teaching '70s Feminism.

'Waves' of Feminism, II
(Appearing just a few months after most of the lengthy discussion listed directly above, this brief follow-up deals primarily with the origins of the term "third wave." WMST-L discussion, July 2002.)

'Waves' of Feminism, III
(A January 2005 discussion of so-called "third wave" feminism. The discussion arose from the lengthy discussion Young Women and "Feminism".)

Women's Studies for Pre-Teens
(March 1999; includes suggested resources)

Women's Studies in High School
(Information about women's studies programs in high schools. WMST-L, October 2002.)

Young Women and "Feminism"
(A 3-part WMST-L discussion from January 2005 discussing the claim that young women are reluctant to be associated with "feminism." This issue has arisen on the list with some frequency. For some additional discussions, see, for example, Feminists Who Reject the Feminist Label, The Girl Power Movement and Feminism, Teaching '70s Feminism, and 'Waves' of Feminism.)

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