Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses

Last updated: July 15, 2006

Modern Languages syllabi

Modern Languages and Literatures

The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses in Modern Languages and Literatures other than English. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

French Language and Literature

++ Femmes Françaises Ecrivains (Français 118)
Michèle Magnin (Univ. of San Diego)

French Women Writers (French 383)
Danielle Mihram (Univ. of Southern California)

He Said, She Said (Français 378)
Caroline Fay (Franklin & Marshall College)

++ Love and Seduction Rococo Style (French 311)
Nicole Vaget (Mount Holyoke College)

++ Paroles d'hommes et de femmes à la Renaissance française (FR 355)
Marc Bizer (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

German Language and Literature

+ East German Women Writers (German 301)
Silke von der Emde (Vassar College)

Russian Language and Literature

Revolution and Love in Russian Film (WST 220)
Jane E. Knox-Voina (Bowdoin College)

Russian Women Writers in Translation (Russian 79R)
Sibelan Forrester (Swarthmore College)

Spanish Language and Literature

++ La Mujer Hispana desde la Edad Media hasta el Siglo XXI
S. Alba D. Skar (Trinity College)

See also Gender in Contemporary French Cinema: From Outremer to Amélie, Gender and Sexuality in French Cinema, German Women Filmmakers, and Images of Women in French Cinema in FILM and Seminar in Chinese Linguistics: Language and Gender, in LINGUISTICS.

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