Syllabi on the Web for Women- and Gender-Related Courses

Last updated: July 7, 2006

Economics syllabi


The following are syllabi for women- and gender-related courses in economics. Courses that make substantial use of the Internet carry the designation ++; those making at least some use carry the designation +.

Discrimination, Gender, and the Economy (ECON 36-307)
Nancy J. Burnett (Univ. of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)

Economics of Gender (Economics 242)
Karine Moe (Macalaster College)

+ The Economics of Gender (Eco 151)
Liz Dunne Schmitt (SUNY Oswego)

Economics of Gender (ECON 447)
Elaina Rose (Univ. of Washington)

Economics of Gender and the Family (ECON 248)
Steven Horwitz (St. Lawrence Univ.)

+ Economics of Poverty and Discrimination (ECON 248-001)
Keith Bender (Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Economics of Women and the Family (ECON 306)
Andy Kohen (James Madison Univ.)

Gender in the Economy (ECON 211)
A. Bernasek (Colorado State Univ.)

Gender, Population, and Migration (AK/GEOG 3400)
Joseph Mensah (York Univ., Canada)

+ The Gender Structure of Material Life (IA&S 493)
Colin Danby (Univ. of Washington, Bothell)

Political Economy of Women (Economics 333)
Nancy Rose (California State Univ., Santa Barbara)

+ Race, Gender, and Economic Status (Economics 120)
Linus Yamane (Pitzer College)

Women and Economics
Drucilla Barker (Hollins College)

+ Women in the U. S. Economy (ECON/SOCY 241B)
Brenda Wyss (Wheaton College)

+ Women, Work and Welfare in Canada (ECO 325)
Ross B. Emmett (Augustana Univ. College, Canada)

See also Gender and the Global Economy in GEOGRAPHY; Gender, Work, and Public Policy, in POLITICAL SCIENCE; Gender and Socio-Economic Development in the Americas, Gender, Race, and Economic Inequality in the U. S., and Working Women in American Society in SOCIOLOGY/SOCIAL WORK.

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