Projects and Policies

Projects & Due Dates

Projects are due before 9:00 pm on the indicated due dates. Late submission penalties and policies are described in the Late Submission Policy.

Project Assigned Due
Project 0: Memory Management & Using GL Wed, Aug 28 Fri, Sep 13
Project 1: Maze Solving (Stacks) Mon, Sep 9 Tue, Sep 24
Project 2: Range Average Query (Complexity) Mon, Sep 23 Tue, Oct 8
Project 3: Treaps (Binary Trees) Mon, Oct 21 Tue, Nov 5
Project 4: Skew Heaps (Heaps) Mon, Nov 4 Tue, Nov 19
Project 5: Hashing & Heaps (Hashing) Tue, Nov 26 Tue, Dec 10

Project Submission and Policies

Projects will be submitted for grading using the shared directories on GL. All projects must compile and execute on a GL server using the g++ compiler without any compiler flags.

Familiarize yourself with the following project policies: