Late Submission Policy

This class moves quickly. If you fall behind on a project, you are likely to fall behind on the next assignment. It is difficult to recover from this domino effect. Late work also makes extra work for the staff since we try to get things graded as soon as possible. In general, we want to discourage late work without being overly harsh.

Late projects will incur a penalty of 10% for each day they are late. Furthermore, no projects will be accepted more than three days late.

Project 0 must be submitted on time. Late submissions will not be accepted for Project 0.

Submiting Late Work

If you are within three days of the project deadline, simply follow the late submission instructions in the Project Submission page. For example, if your submission for Project 3 were two days late, you would copy your files to the proj3-late2 submission directory.

Under special circumstances, an instructor may grant an individual extension to a project deadline. If you have an instructor-granted extension, your instructor will need to remove the late penalties manually. In addition, if you submit your project more than three days past the project deadline, you will need to copy your files to the exception directory and ask your instructor to email the course coordinator, stating that you have submitted your work.