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Since 1994

In the beginning, there was nothing; a nothing that floated upon a void resting in an unfathomable emptiness of nihility. At the end, there will also be this same nothing, and all that passes between the beginning and the end is but a dream; a dream filling a small gap between two infinite voids, but a dream of all that happens and everything that is. All of existence is a dream, but are we the dream, or are we the dreamers?

hello - hello - i'm at a place called vertigo

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* Halloween: 2017 DC/Balt Guide to Halloween (or pdf)


* BlownPotential (my old movie site)
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* Caligula Made Stoopid! (1987)
* Tom's IQ Test
* Why My Local Grocery Store Loves Me
* Why My Local Post Office Loves Me
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