Strip Monopoly Rules

By: FutureShockXL

Strip Monopoly is nothing more than Parker Brothers Monopoly with the following rule changes implemented:

Instead of each play starting with $1500, the initial monetary disbursement is as follows: Clothing can (and will) be used as legal tender at the following amounts: No other clothing is allowed to be used as legal tender. That means no hats, no jewelry, no watches, no tampons, no sunglasses, no jackets, nothing else.

Each player is allowed to start off with ONE item from each of the previously listed categories (but two socks, and two shoes), only female players are permitted to start with a bra or a brassiere. (Pants, shorts, and sweats is one category.)

How clothing is like cash: Clothes can be used to buy property, buy houses and hotels, pay debts, pay fines or anything that money can be used for.

How clothing is like property: Clothes can be sold at a higher than list price and/or auctioned off at any time that the rules allow a player to auction property.

When the bank processes clothing, any player can buy it from the bank at the price listed above. If more than one player wants it, the bank will auction them to the highest bidder.

Any player may wear any clothing he or she obtains in place of what he or she has lost (but try not to stretch other people's belongings too badly). If you have someone else's shirt but not your own, be nice and trade the shirt you have for your own shirt to avoid the stretching problem.

You're not out of the game until you are out of money and clothing. This means that if you land on someone's Boardwalk with a hotel and can't afford to pay the rent, the owner can take everything you have but leave you with one dollar, to keep you in the game. This will also probably leave you quite embarrassed. This keeps people from copping out (although the true sissies will ditch on you anyway).

Mitchel Davis comments on this last point, stating that, when they played, they required all participants to put up $100.00 in cold hard cash to get in. Upon completion of their part of the game, their money is returned, but if someone were to sissy out, their moola would go into the beer pot. Collecting collateral centrally separates the serious from the unserious.

©1995 FutureShockXL

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