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Last updated: November 21, 2016

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Here are some academic email lists that focus on Women's Studies, Lesbian Studies, and Queer Studies. If the instructions say "send standard subscription message," the email message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE WMST-L Jane Doe):

ARACA is an unmoderated list in Spanish for the discussion of women's studies and gender studies (both theory and practice) and for announcements about relevant conferences, new books and journals, etc. For more information, send the message INFO ARACA to MAJORDOMO@CCC.UBA.AR . To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ARACA to the same address.

BITHRY-L is "a list for the theoretical discussion of bisexuality and gender issues. It is neither a social group, nor a support group, nor an announcement or news forum." Subscription messages (SUB BITHRY-L Your Name) should be sent to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU.

BOL began as a moderated list "for people and organizations within South Asia and outside to come together, discuss and work on issues of gender, reproductive health and rights and legal developments pertaining to human rights within the region." More recently, it expanded its focus to include women's studies in the South Asian region. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BOL to majordomo@mos.com.np .More information is available at the BOL web page.

ETUDESFEMINISTES-L est une liste de discussion en langue française, un lieu de débats et d'échanges pluri et interdisciplinaires en études féministes et/ou sur les femmes et sur le genre. Elle encourage la participation des francophones de toutes les régions du monde qui s'intéressent à l'enseignement, à la recherche, et à la diffusion de ces travaux, à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur des institutions. Pour s'abonner, mettez-vous sur le site Web http://listes.univ-tlse2.fr/wws/info/etudesfeministes-l.

FEMALE-L (FEMinistische ALternativE) is a German-language Women's Studies list based in Austria. Messages in German or English are invited about feminist research and teaching, information about conferences, new books, and other announcements, other online sources of Women's Studies materials, etc. It is hoped that people from many countries and continents will participate. Send subscription message (SUBSCRIBE FEMALE-L Your Name) to LISTSERV@ALIJKU04.EDVZ.UNI-LINZ.AC.AT [note: that's a zero (0), not an upper-case O, in ALIJKU04]. After you sign on, please send a short intro and bio in either German or English.

FEMINIST-L describes itself as "a list for discussion of feminist practice, politics, controversies, and theory." Its primary audience is feminist activists, feminist bloggers, feminist students, and feminist academics. The address I had for this list no longer works, but a list by the same name (but described as the Feminist Studies Group) is now at CUNY (the City University of New York) To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMINIST-L Your Name to listserv@listserv.gc.cuny.edu . If you have questions about FEMINIST-L, you can write to the list owners at FEMINIST-L-Request@gc.listserv.cuny.edu .

FemPTheoryQueer-aoir.org is a list for all academics, activists, technologists, and others interested in considering how feminist, postcolonial, and queer issues and methods can assist us in understanding the Internet, related cultures, and computer technologies. Some of the list's current concerns are the politics of Internet research; communicating with individuals in related fields; mentoring among women, people of color, and queers in the Internet research areas; developing bibliographies and syllabi; and academic hiring and promotion practices. The list is hosted by the Association of Internet Researchers. For more information or to subscribe, see the FemPTheoryQueer web page.

GENDERSTUDIES, based at the Kharkov Center for Gender Studies in the Ukraine, is a list for university teachers and researchers in the NIS (New Independent States, i.e., the former Soviet Union) and for others concerned with gender issues in this region. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GENDERSTUDIES to MAJORDOMO@UNIVER.KHARKOV.UA . For more information, see the GENDERSTUDIES web page.

GENNET, hosted by the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Natal, South Africa, is an open list intended to facilitate discussion on gender-related issues primarily (but not exclusively) in South Africa. For more information or to subscribe, go to the GENNET web page at http://lists.nu.ac.za/mailman/listinfo/gennet/ .

GESTH-L is a Hungarian Gender Studies list. It provides a forum in Hungarian for networking, discussion, and exchange of information for Hungarian researchers and activists of women's organizations, though contributions from outside the country are also welcome. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GESTH-L Your Name to LISTSERV@HUEARN.SZTAKI.HU .

GIRLS_STUDIES provides announcements, queries, and resources for academics who study girlhood in any discipline: cultural studies, history, sociology, literature, psychology, etc. It is intended for professional academics, not for undergraduates, journalists, parents seeking help with their daughters, etc. Subscription requests are approved by the moderator. For more information or to subscribe, see the GIRLS_STUDIES web page at Yahoo Groups.

IRWMST-L has been set up by the Irish Higher Education Equality Unit for people involved or interested in Women's Studies in Ireland. It is hoped that the list will facilitate discussions of teaching and research, exchanges of information and advice, and increased contact. Send subscription message SUB IRWMST-L Forename Surname to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.HEA.IE .

NAISTUTKIMUS is the Finnish women's studies list. The postings are in Finnish, although announcements can be posted in other languages also. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE NAISTUTKIMUS Your Name to LISTSERV@UTA.FI . For more information, see the list's User's Guide, and/or the searchable archives.

NWMST-L is the Nordic Women's Studies List. As its name implies, it deals with Women's Studies in the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as three autonomous territories. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE NWMST-L Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UMU.SE .

PALIST is a list for Women's Studies program administrators whose programs have a current membership in the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA). The list is not intended to duplicate WMST-L; rather, PALIST is intended to be a lower-volume, private medium that current administrators can turn to for advice and information that only other program administrators will have. Interested administrators of women's studies programs, departments, or emphases that have a group membership in NWSA should contact the listowner, Jane Olmsted, at jane.olmsted@wku.edu .

QSA (Queer Studies Aotearoa) aims to connect scholars and activists working in the areas of feminism, queer studies, cultural studies, and gay, lesbian and bi-sexual rights. It will provide an opportunity for discussion in these areas and networking with those interesting in queer studies and activism outside Aotearoa. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE QSA to MAJORDOMO@MASSEY.AC.NZ .

QSTUDY-L is a forum for academic discussions pertaining to queer theory, an umbrella term encompassing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual/transgender studies. To subscribe, go to the QSTUDY-L web site.

SINGLE-W is a list where scholars who study "single women" (however defined - which is itself part of the dialogue) can ask questions, exchange information, and network informally. To subscribe, send a blank email message with the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject header to SINGLE-W-REQUEST@MEDUSANET.CA More information is available at the Scholars of Single Women web site.

WILD-LIST is a forum for information and discussion about lesbian studies from a European perspective. It's a closed list and for women only. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WILD-LIST your@e-address to MAJORDOMO@HELSINKI.FI . If you encounter subscription problems, write to WILD-LIST-REQUEST@HELSINKI.FI . For more information, see the list's web site

WISE-L is a forum for European women's studies, including the the exchange of information, syllabi, and bibliographies and discussion of program development, European or national policy issues, and political and theoretical debates concerning women's studies. The list is open to all practitioners doing women's studies in Europe or working on European topics, and to others interested in discussing these topics. Send the message SUB WISE-L Your Name to LISTSERV@UTA.FI or join from the WISE-L web page. For more information, see the list's User's Guide, available in English, French, and Spanish, and/or the searchable archives.

WMST-L is an academic list devoted to discussion of Women's Studies teaching, research, and program administration. It also distributes Women's Studies job and conference announcements and calls for papers, and maintains extensive online collections of syllabi, bibliographies, topical discussions, and other files relevant to Women's Studies. More information can be found on WMST-L's web page. Send subscription requests (SUB WMST-L Your Name) to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU .

WOMENET has been initiated by the American Studies Association Women's Task Force to facilitate discussion of the status of international women in American Studies and the intersection among women's studies, American Studies, and international perspectives. The list should provide an opportunity for women in American Studies around the world to "think out loud" and to discuss their research, teaching, and academic situation. To subscribe, send the usual subscription message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.GEORGETOWN.EDU .

WOMEN-WALES is a list for discussion of interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches to the study of women's lives and culture in Wales, and issues and debates in women's studies across higher education institutions in Wales and elsewhere in the U.K. More information is available at the WOMEN-WALES web page at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/women-wales.html .

WSPHD-L is a forum for Women's Studies doctoral students. It provides students a means of posting announcements, news, and pertinent requests. M.A. students in Women's Studies are also welcome, as are recipients of the Women's Studies Ph.D. Participants should be aware, however, that this list will focus on the Ph.D. from students' perspectives. For more information or to subscribe, go to the WSPHD-L web site.

WSS-L is a list for the Association of College and Research Libraries Women's Studies Section. WSS-L is open to anyone interested in women's studies librarianship, whether they are members of ACRL-WSS or not. To subscribe, send e-mail to LISTPROC@ALA1.ALA.ORG with a blank subject header and the message SUBSCRIBE WSS-L Your Name in the body of the message.

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