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What is WMST-L?
A description of WMST-L, an international e-mail forum for discussion of Women's Studies teaching, research, and program administration. Includes instructions for subscribing.

WMST-L User's Guide
Everything you never realized you wanted to know about WMST-L: how to subscribe, unsubscribe, stop mail, get a daily digest, find past messages, access WMST-L's collection of files, and more.   See also Using WMST-L's Web Interface

Instructions for searching the WMST-L logfiles
Illustrated instructions for finding past messages or topics that have appeared on WMST-L.   See also Using WMST-L's Web Interface

WMST-L File Collection
More than 300 files from the WMST-L file collection, arranged into 18 categories such as "Books and Films," "Feminisms," "Language," "Pedagogical Issues and Strategies," "Societal Issues in the Classroom," etc. One section, entitled "WMST-L," provides more information about the listserv.    A goldmine of information!

Women's Studies Syllabi
I've moved the old WMST-L syllabus collection to my web space. It has not been updated for years, and I thought of deleting it. However, some people have told me that they continue to find it useful, so I've left it up. It contains more than 600 web-based syllabi for women- and gender-related courses.

Debunking Computer Virus Myths
This F-Secure site is devoted to providing information about the many groundless computer virus warnings that constantly make the e-mail rounds. Never send virus warnings to WMST-L. Read the information at the F-Secure site instead. Or try Hoaxbusters.

Feminist Film Reviews
Linda Lopez McAlister's film reviews, which used to be a regular feature on WMST-L, have been archived in the Women's Studies Database at MITH. Some reviews by others are also included.

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