Independent Study Opportunities

Deception Detection

Deception odetection has been a f deception detection has been fuelled by the widespread penetration of the Internet and social media in support of personal and business communications. The identification of behavioral cues to deception is instrumental to the task of deception detection. We have investigated a variety of cues to deception, including verbal behavior based on message content, linguistic features, and language style, and nonverbal behavior based on keyboard behavior, communication interaction, brain activity, and so on. In addition, we have adapted a variety of machine learning techniques to improve the performance of automatic deception detection and to provide decision support for human deception detection.

Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

Natural language processing and text mining serve as the foundation of my technical approaches to information and knowledge discovery from free-formed and/or semi-structured text. Information extraction, relationship discovery, ontology learning, error detection, similarity comparison, discourse analysis, and polarity mining represent some of my research topics in this area.

Social Media Analytics

Online social networks have brought about new opportunities and problems. We have studied such networks from both sides. On one side, we have investigated the potential of online social networks in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of information diffusion, and their role in developing social capital in online markets, in building trust relationships, and in providing online word-of-mouth. On the other side, we have been working on addressing deception, spam, and bullying behavior in online social networks.

Intelligent Mobile Interface

Existing mobile web typically offeris one-size-fits-all solutions and does not provide users with explicit cues to help them find information of interest quickly. In addition, users' accessibility needs are rarely considered in the design and development of mobile web. This project takes the first step toward design, development and evaluation of a transformative user-centered and personalized approach to browsing, search, and information management in mobile web based on users' information needs, device characteristics, and accessibility requirements.

Health Information Technology

Home healthcare robots promise to make clinical information available at the right place and time, thereby reducing error and increasing safety and quality. Previous home healthcare information technology research has focused on technology development and clinical applications, but much less attention has been paid to the associated social, technical and managerial issues that are arguably of equal importance for the success of such technology. We investigate the determinants of home healthcare technology adoption. We have also evaluated our various system design and research prototypes from the technology acceptance perspective. In addition, we have also conducted research on extracting medical information from clinical notes and social media.



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