How to get Workman 2.1 to work properly

Here is how I got Workman 2.1 to work with Solaris 2.3's volume manager. It is very simply to setup. I have 2 CDROM drives on my system so that I can listen to music on one.

I've got it so that if I put in a data disk in either one (or both), the file manager pops up. If I put in an audio disk in either one workman pops up.

Anyway, the only thing needed was to slightly modify both /etc/vold.conf and /etc/rmmount.conf . If you only have a single CDROM drive attached, you can probably leave /etc/vold.conf alone.

# @(#)vold.conf 1.16     93/05/17 SMI
# Volume Daemon Configuration file

# Database to use (must be first)

# Labels supported
label dos floppy
label cdrom cdrom
label sun floppy 

# Devices to use
use cdrom drive /dev/dsk/c0t6 cdrom0
use cdrom drive /dev/dsk/c0t5 cdrom1
use floppy drive /dev/diskette floppy0

# Actions
insert /vol*/dev/diskette[0-9]/* user=root /usr/sbin/rmmount
insert /vol*/dev/dsk/* user=root /usr/sbin/rmmount
eject /vol*/dev/diskette[0-9]/* user=root /usr/sbin/rmmount
eject /vol*/dev/dsk/* user=root /usr/sbin/rmmount
notify /vol*/rdsk/* group=tty /usr/lib/vold/volmissing -c

# List of file system types unsafe to eject
unsafe ufs hsfs pcfs

# @(#)rmmount.conf 1.2 92/09/23 SMI # # Removable Media Mounter configuration file. # # File system identification ident hsfs cdrom ident ufs cdrom floppy ident pcfs floppy # Actions action -premount floppy action cdrom /usr/local/bin/workman action cdrom action floppy # Share share cdrom*
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