Sun Microsystems

Solaris 2.x

Solaris(tm) is Sun's name for their UNIX-based user environment, including the UNIX(tm) operating system, window system (X11-based), and other stuff too. It is not the operating system, but is the operating environment. The operating system components of Solaris are SunOS 4.x and SunOS 5.x for Solaris 1.x and 2.x respectively.

Though the vast majority of machines at UMBC (tm) are Silicon Graphics workstations/servers, there are several Sun workstations scattered around campus, mostly in Computer Science and College of Engineering. The machines in CS are running Solaris 1.x, while most of the COE machines are running Solaris 2.x. The main Solaris 2.x server for COE is a Sun SPARCServer 1000 with a 50 mz SuperSPARC and 128 megabytes of RAM. This document will deal exclusively with Solaris 2.x, as we are intent on phasing out Solaris 1.x to simplify adminstration and to move up to System V R.4

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