Workshops and Presentations

Related to Teaching and Public Service (since 1991)

Organization of eighth Espaces series at UMBC: “Belgium,” including one course, four lectures, nine films, and a dinner, 2011-2012.
Panel member at forum for local language informants: “Culturas Pirenencas, Naveras Tecnologias,” Lalanne-Trie (France), June 24, 2011.
“Language Change: The Ground Shifting Under Our Feet As We Speak.” UMBC Alumni Dessert and Discussion presentation, April 7, 2011.
Organization of seventh Espaces series at UMBC: “The Maghreb,” including two courses, four lectures, and three films, 2009-2010.
Two lectures in Johns Hopkins University Odyssey series: “Occitania and the Kingdom of the Franks: France as the Fusion of Two Civilizations” (October. 6, 2009); “Marseille: The Un-Paris” (October 13, 2009).
Lecture on French children’s literature at Baltimore City Schools Workshop for French Teachers, Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore, April 12, 2008.
Organization of sixth Espaces series on French in the U.S., including one course, two panels, one lecture, three films, and one performance. University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2007–2008.
“Marseille as an Alternative to Paris in the Classroom,” presentation at the 79th Annual Congress of the American Association of Teachers of French, Milwaukee, July 6, 2006.
“La France: Fusion de deux cultures,” French Day for Teachers, UMBC, March 12, 2005.
Organization of fifth Espaces series: “Occitania,” including one course, four lectures, eleven films, two performances, a workshop, and a study abroad trip. UMBC, 2004–2005.
Organization of fourth Espaces series, on the Levant, including courses, lectures, film. UMBC, 2002-2003.
Organization of third Espaces series, on the French Caribbean, including five courses, lectures, film series. UMBC, 2000-2001.
“Representing the French-Speaking World.” Presentation given to the National FLES* Institute, UMBC, June 20, 2000.
“La promotion du franais, langue internationale,” French Day for Teachers, UMBC, October 28, 2000.
“Barrières à la communication interculturelle: France-Québec-Etats-Unis.” Lecture given at Club Français de Columbia, April 5, 1999.
Workshop for secondary school teachers (with Ana Maria Schwartz) on “Using Computer Technology in the Curriculum.” UMBC, October 23, 1998.
Organization of second Espaces series, on French Canada, including three courses, lectures, film series. UMBC, 1998-99.
Presentation “Littérature enfantine et conflits interculturels.” Alliance Française de Baltimore, May 3, 1998.
“Introduction to the Use of Technology in the Language Classroom,” UMBC, January 26, 1998.
“Ce que l’on raconte aux enfants,” presentation contrasting children’s literature in France with that in the U.S., French Day for Teachers, UMBC, November 1, 1997, and Club Français de Columbia, Ellicott City, MD, January 6, 1998.
Presentation “Multimedia Materials: Why and How?” Catholic Schools Convention, Baltimore, October 13, 1997.
Member of panel discussion on Ebonics, part of Black History Month ’97 events, University of Maryland Baltimore County, February 12, 1997.
Taught four classes on language awareness to students at Ludlow Taylor Elementary School, Washington, DC, October 10, 1996.
Two workshops for Foreign Language and ESL teachers, “Introduction to the Preparation of Multimedia Materials,” UMBC, June 19-21, 25-27, 1996.
Lecture “Cross-cultural ’Communicationists.’” Egyptian Teacher Training Program opening event, University of Maryland Baltimore County, February 23, 1996.
Organization of first Espaces series: “West Africa,” including five courses, a film series, two lectures, two panel discussions, and a concert, UMBC, 1995-96 (with Omar Ka).
Presentation “Paradoxes de la Francophonie,” French Day for Teachers, UMBC, October 7, 1995 (with Omar Ka).
Coordinator of Collaborative Articulation Panel, UMBC and Maryland secondary school teachers, 1992-1996 (with Gladys Lipton)
Coordinator of MLL Leadership Council (Maryland foreign language supervisors), 1992-1996 (with Gladys Lipton)
Presentation “Les Français de la frontière espagnole,” French Day for Teachers, UMBC, October 8, 1994.
Workshop “Making the Cultural Connection,” Second Language Educators’ Meeting, Baltimore City Schools, September 1, 1994.
Presentation “Other Childhoods,” National FLES* Institute. UMBC, July 15, 1993.
Workshop “Teaching Regional Cultures,” NEH Training Institute for Middle and High School Teachers of French on Content-Based Language Instruction. Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, IN, July 12, 1993.
Panel participation, “Continuity in Foreign Language Learning,” 1993 Spring Conference of the Maryland Foreign Language Association. Columbia, MD, May 8, 1993.
Lecture “Teaching Language to Americans who will Never Speak Anything Other than English,” Loyola College, Baltimore, MD, April 5, 1993.
Presentation “Integrating Languages and Culture in a Communicative Context,” 26th Annual Meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Chicago, November 21, 1992.
Lecture “Les Cultures non-françaises dans l’étude du français,” French Day for Teachers, UMBC, October 31, 1992.
Workshop on teaching culture in the French classroom, presented to graduate students in French, Cornell University, April 26, 1991.
Lecture “La Musique française aujourd’hui,” Carroll County Public Schools French Immersion Day, Liberty High School, March 25, 1991.
Workshop on using music in the teaching of culture, Furman University, Greenville, SC, March 16, 1991.
Instructor of National FLES* Institute, contemporary French-speaking society, UMBC, three weeks in July 1988 and 1989, one week in July 1990, July 1991.


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