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An interdisciplinary undergraduate Certificate program integrating faculty and perspectives from the:

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Engineering and Information Technology

College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Rapid advances in science and technology characterize our age, provide us with benefits and opportunities, and supply ample edification as well as some considerable anxiety. The challenge for today's university is to provide its students with the latest knowledge in science and technology, while integrating that knowledge into a coherent and humane view of the world.  To do this requires an understanding of human nature and achievement drawn from the humanities as well as the sciences. Taking advantage of recent scholarship on the philosophy, history, and sociology of science and technology, and a diverse faculty already engaged in these subjects, the Certificate in the Human Context of Science and Technology provides undergraduates the opportunity to study systematically the interactions among the humanities, the physical and social sciences, and technology. 

Our program faculty and staff hope you will find this subject as exciting and thought-provoking as do we.

Dr. Joseph N. Tatarewicz, Department of History and Director, HCST


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