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Last updated: Sept. 27, 2010

The following files from the WMST-L file collection focus on issues of race, religion, and/or ethnicity in conjunction with gender:

African-American Women's Identity: A Bibliography
(This bibliography was compiled by WMST-L member Xeturah M. Woodley and Carmen Williams. Prof. Woodley made it available on WMST-L in September, 1994)

Barbara Jordan, E. Bradford Burns, and Me: Coming Out in Public Life
(An essay by WMST-L member Rosa Maria Pegueros that considers issues involved in coming out in political and academic life.)

Bigotry in the Classroom
(A WMST-L discussion from February 1995 on how to deal with bigotry in the classroom. 3 parts)

Black Feminist Theory; Black Women and Sexualized Images (2 Subjects)
(Responses to a January 2008 WMST-L query asking for literature on two subjects: Black feminist theory and Black women and sexualized images.)

Black Feminist/Womanist Works: A Beginning List
(A bibliography compiled by WMST-L member Joya Misra and added to the WMST-L files in late 1996. The author welcomes suggestions for additional entries.)

Christian Feminists: Suggested Readings
(Suggestions for short readings by self-identified Christian feminists suitable for use in an Introduction to Women's Studies course. WMST-L discussion, December 2001)

A Christian Pro-Choice Perspective
(Suggested resources for students wishing to research pro-choice arguments from a Christian perspective. WMST-L discussion, April 2003. Of related interest may be the files Christian Feminists: Suggested Readings, Feminism and Evangelical Christianity, and Pro-Life Views in Women's Studies.)

The Concept of Invisibility
(This discussion was begun by someone who was about to teach Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, but it quickly moved to a broader consideration of the notion of "invisibility." WMST-L discussion, October 2006)

The Concept of Machismo
(WMST-L discussion; November/December 1994)

Ecofeminism in the Caribbean
(Suggested resources for creating an undergraduate syllabus on this topic. WMST-L discussion, August/September 2003.)

Female Genital Mutilation
(Two-part WMST-L file including discussions from 1994 and 1997. See also Incorporating FGM into Courses, Female Genital Mutilation II, and Genital Cutting and Gender.)

Female Genital Mutilation, II
(Further discussions of the topic, these from January and August 2000, February and November 2001, and October 2004. See also the earlier discussions from 1994 and 1997 (above) and the files Incorporating FGM into Courses and Genital Cutting and Gender.)

Feminism and Evangelical Christianity
(WMST-L discussion concerning the relationship between feminism and evangelical Christianity. April 2003.)

Feminist Spirituality
(Wide-ranging discussions of feminist spirituality, including definitions, teaching resources, the relation between spirituality and religion, and more. Discussions took place on WMST-L in March 2008 and August/September 2009.)

Feminist Theories of Law
(Suggested readings about feminist theories of law, including religious law. These suggestions were offered on WMST-L in February 2002.)

Genital Cutting and Gender
(A WMST-L discussion from January 2008 responding to a request for resources dealing with FGM/FGE and male circumcision together. See also Female Genital Mutilation, Female Genital Mutilation II, and Incorporating FGM into Courses)

Incorporating FGM into Courses
(Suggested readings and lesson plans for incorporating the issue of female genital mutilation into courses on Contemporary Moral Issues and on African American Women Writers. See also Female Genital Mutilation, Female Genital Mutilation II, and Genital Cutting and Gender.)

Introducing Feminism in an African American Studies Course
(Suggestions for readings and films that would be useful in introducing the topic of feminism in an African American Studies course. WMST-L discussion, February 2005.)

Japanese Women Writers
(A discussion of Japanese and Japanese-American women writers who deal with issues of gender, race, and ethnicity in a modern context. The discussion took place on WMST-L in May 2005.)

Judging Other Cultures
(Discussion about whether a culture can/should be judged by how the women in that culture are treated. WMST-L, February/March 2002. 3 parts.)

Marianismo: Origin and Meaning
(WMST-L discussion of the origin and meaning of the term "Marianismo." January 2000.)

Marriage and Name Change
(A discussion of various societies' practices concerning the changing of one's last name when one marries. WMST-L discussion, December 2001.)

Menstruation and Religion: A List of Sources
(A 1998 bibliography compiled by WMST-L member Kathleen O'Grady.)

Pro-Life Views in Women's Studies
(This discussion of pro-life feminism took place on WMST-L in October/November 2002.)

Pronoun Usage, Identity, and Privilege
(WMST-L discussion, September 1999)

Multicultural Women in the U.S.: Book Suggestions
(Suggested books that might be used in a course on "Multicultural Women in the United States." The suggestions were offered on WMST-L in July 2005.)

The Politics of the Burqa
(Readings and films on the politics of the burqa. WMST-L discussion, December 2009)

Race and Concepts of Female Body Size
(A discussion of differing concepts of ideal body size and shape among women of different races and ethnic groups. WMST-L, November, 2004.)

Readings about Native American Women
(Suggestions for readings useful for students. WMST-L discussion, January 2008)

Readings by Straight, White Feminists
(A student's request gave rise to suggested readings and discussion of the request's legitimacy. WMST-L, May 2002)

Readings for a Feminist Bat Mitzvah
(This WMST-L discussion from November 2005 offers suggested readings for a feminist bat mitzvah [a ceremony celebrating a Jewish girl's coming of age].)

Readings on Race and Beauty
(Responses to a February 2001 WMST-L query for recommended readings about race and beauty.)

Religion in a Feminist Theory Course
(A May 2006 WMST-L discussion about ways to deal with religion in a feminist theory course.)

Teaching Sapphire's Novel Push
(A discussion of resources and strategies for teaching Sapphire's novel push. WMST-L, November 2009.)

Teaching Women's Studies to Disadvantaged Women
(Suggestions for teaching women's studies to women with histories of drug addiction and prostitution. WMST-L discussion, October 2003.)

Texts for Course on Race, Class, & Gender in U.S.
(Suggestions for texts that discuss gender fully and can be used in a Sociology course on Race, Class, and Gender in the U.S. WMST-L discussion, March/April 2004.)

Videos on Intersection of Gender, Race, Class
(Suggestions for videos that show the intersection of gender identity with race, class, and national differences. WMST-L discussion, April 2002.)

Whiteness and Women
(Messages, bibliography, and exercises dealing with whiteness and women; 2 parts: 1993-94 and 1999)

White Privilege
(A five-part file. The first two parts describe and assess Peggy McIntosh's well-known work on white privilege; parts 3 and 4 focus on the question of whether Jews are considered 'white' by themselves or others; part 5 raises questions about the "white" status of other ethnic groups. Part 1 includes WMST-L messages from 1992 to 2003; parts 2, 3, and 4 date from September/October 2001; part 5 dates from July/August 2003. See also the file White Privilege II.)

White Privilege II
Further discussion of white privilege. This 3-part discussion appeared on WMST-L in January 2003 (Parts 1 & 2) and September/October 2005, May 2009, and August 2010 (Part 3). Parts 1 & 2 focus on using Peggy McIntosh's work in the classroom and consider as well whether such use should be deemed "education" or "indoctrination." See also the earlier file White Privilege.)

Women and Islam: Readings/Videos
(Suggested readings and videos about women and Islam. They appeared on WMST-L in October/November/December 2001. Part 1 offers general readings; Part 2 focuses more specifically on fiction; Part 3 mentions readings that bear on the topic of feminism and Islamic law; Part 4 provides information about two videos. See also a later (2010) file, Works by and about Muslim Women.)

Women of Color and the Women's Movement
(A five-part WMST-L discussion that began with a query about the contributions of women of color to the women's movement. September/October 2000)

Works by and about Muslim Women
(Suggestions for works in a variety of media suitable for use in an adult education course. WMST-L discussion, June 2010. Also of interest may be a 2001 file, Women and Islam: Readings/Videos)

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