WMST-L File Collection:

Grad School/Job Market

Last updated: Oct. 26, 2003

The following files from the WMST-L file collection address, directly or indirectly, the question of what lies beyond college graduation, either in the job market or in graduate school:

The Academic Job Market
( April/May 1995; 3 parts)

Academic Job Searches in Women's Studies: A Bibliography (Updated)
(WMST-L member Katherine Side prepared the first version of this bibliography for the 1997 NWSA conference and updated it in 2003.)

Applying for an Academic Job
(August 1994)

Finding Academic Job Announcements
(Two brief WMST-L discussions in October 2003 focused on where to look for academic jobs in Women's Studies and for academic jobs in general in institutions that prize teaching above research.)

A Ph.D. in Women's Studies?
(Should we advise students to get a Ph.D. in Women's Studies? April 1997 discussion)

What Can I Do With a Women's Studies Major?
(WMST-L discussions in 2000 and 2003 offer some useful resources to help address this question.).

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