Women-Related Email Lists About Education or Campus Life

Last updated: November 21, 2016


Here are some women-related email lists that focus on education or campus life. If the instructions say "send subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE WRAC-L Jane Doe):

ANTIGONE is a list for women in legal education. It is run by the Association of American Law Schools section on Women in Legal Education. You can subscribe from the ANTIGONE web site or by sending the message SUBSCRIBE to Antigonerequest@lists.washlaw.edu .

CAMPCLIM provides a forum for discussions pertaining to college campuses' personal, educational, and physical environments. Send the subscription message SUBSCRIBE CAMPCLIM Your Name to LISTSERV@UAFSYSB.UARK.EDU .

CampusWomenLead is a moderated list co-sponsored by the Association of American Colleges & Universities' Program on the Status and Education of Women and the National Initiative for Women in Higher Education. It is designed for women administrators, faculty, staff, and students to share information, solve problems, offer resources, and include information about professional development opportunities for women in higher education. For more information or to subscribe, go to the CampusWomenLead web page.

CAPA WOMEN, affiliated with the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations, includes women's officers, research officers, and women students interested in supporting and cheering each other through the sometimes onerous times of tertiary study. Postings can be political, informative, or just plain funny. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE to CAPA-WOMEN-REQUEST@GU.UWA.EDU.AU .

CompScisters is a Facebook group for women taking the free online courses (MOOCs) offered by Udacity, Coursera, and EdX within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Departments. Any woman taking a free online STEM class is welcome to join. In addition, all alumnae are encouraged to stay active members. This is a place for support, socializing, and networking. This group is not a study group. For more information or to join, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/compscisters/.    (For men and women interested in how gender issues relate to STEM, please consider joining the Facebook group CompSciblings at https://www.facebook.com/groups/236300739774529/.)

EDUCATION MUMS is a list for mothers (and an occasional father) who are students as well as parents, "who find that enrolment queues, assignments, lectures, and campus libraries are as much a part of their lives as nappies [or] child care. . . . Share your best tales and gripes about life as a student mum." To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to Education_Mums-subscribe@topica.com.

EQ-UNI is a moderated list for all those interested discussing and sharing information on gender equality in higher education in Europe from practical and theoretical points of view. The list's emphasis is on identifying strategies and good practices for the enhancement of gender equality in higher education. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE EQ-UNI to MAJORDOMO@HELSINKI.FI .

FEMMENT-L is a list for discussion of feminist mentoring, especially in academic fields that are still male-dominated. Topics include defining feminist mentoring, mentoring strategies, types of mentoring and their effectiveness, and anything else related to examining the role of mentoring within a feminist context. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMMENT-L <your email address> to FEMMENT-L-REQUEST@WIZARD.UCR.EDU .

FEMPED-L, a feminist pedagogy list, has been designed for discussing issues of power and positionality in the classroom and how feminist pedagogy can be used to challenge patriarchal modesl and methods that silence and intimidate women in educational settings. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMPED-L Your Name to listserv@listserv.uga.edu .

GAYNET is a list focusing on gay and lesbian concerns on college campuses. To subscribe, see the GAYNET web page.

GENED is a list where teachers, parents, researchers, and others can discuss gender and education, especially in K-12. Topics may include gender issues for schools and in the K-12 curriculum; gender equity; gender identity formation; gender and health; and similar topics. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GENED to MAJORDOMO@ACPUB.DUKE.EDU.

GRADUATE CENTER WOMEN OF COLOR NETWORK is a listserv for women of color pursuing their Ph.D.'s. Based at the City University of New York, the list is open to women of color doctoral candidates anywhere. The list's aim is to equip its members with the tools to survive and succeed in graduate school and to help members manage their various identites (daughters, partners, mothers, workers). The list posts announcements for events, conferences, papers, grants, jobs, etc. To join, please email Stephanie Campos at smcamposwatson AT yahoo.com [be sure to remove the spaces surrounding AT and replace AT with @].

PALIST is a list for Women's Studies program administrators whose programs have a current membership in the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA). The list is not intended to duplicate WMST-L; rather, PALIST is intended to be a lower-volume, private medium that current administrators can turn to for advice and information that only other program administrators will have. Interested administrators of women's studies programs, departments, or emphases that have a group membership in NWSA should contact the listowner, Jane Olmsted, at jane.olmsted@wku.edu .

PGELIST is run by the Program for Gender Equity in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology. The list reflects the Program's commitment to bringing about a more gender-equitable climate in and outside the classroom and to increasing interest, retention, and achievement of girls and women in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. To subscribe, send a blank email to join-pgelist@lists.nsf.gov.

POSTDOC-WO is a list for women who have recently completed their Ph.D. The list offers a safe, supportive place for women to discuss the new issues and challenges in their lives, a place to let off steam, and to share information and advice. POSTDOC-WO is a sister list to POSTGRAD-WO (see below). POSTGRAD-WO members can move over to POSTDOC-WO when they have completed their Ph.D. To join POSTDOC-WO, send the message JOIN POSTDOC-WO firstname lastname to jiscmail@jiscmail.ac.uk.

POSTGRAD-WO is "a discussion list for postgraduate women who are doing research and/or for postgraduate women doing research around women's/gender issues." The list welcomes discussion, debate, ideas, etc. about all areas of research and researching as female research students in higher education institutions. To subscribe, send the message JOIN POSTGRAD-WO firstname lastname to jiscmail@jiscmail.ac.uk.

PRETENURES is a list designed to support women in computer science who are junior faculty members--i.e., those who are pre-tenure. To join this list or to obtain more information about this and other lists for women in computer science, see the Recent PhD Graduates website.

PSEWLEAD - see CampusWomenLead, above.

SGA (SCIENCE, GENDER, AND AFTERSCHOOL) is a moderated list for afterschool practitioners, educators, scientists, researchers, intermediaries, policymakers, and parents who are interested in increasing girls' participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The list provides members an opportunity to share ideas and exchange information with others interested in increasing participation in STEM through afterschool programming. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE SGA FirstName LastName to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AED.ORG. For more information, see the Science, Gender, and Afterschool website.

UNIWOMEN is an Australian forum for discussing issues of relevance to women in universities. Topics vary but may include employment issues, job opportunities, conferences, university policies and procedures, women student issues, resources, scholarships and other opportunities for women, and gender equity in universities from diverse perspectives. To subscribe, go to the UNIWOMEN web page.

WCWIA (Working-Class Women in Academe) is a discussion list for working-class women who now labor in colleges or universities as students or faculty. You can subscribe from the WCWIA Yahoo Groups web page or by sending an email message to WCWIA-SUBSCRIBE@YAHOOGROUPS.COM in which you include your name, institution, and how you found out about the list.

WISA focuses on issues relating to women in Student Affairs, specifically, and higher education in general. The list is sponsored by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. Send subscription message to LISTSERV@ULKYVM.LOUISVILLE.EDU .

WLDADD is designed for professionals in the fields of education, psychology, or health services, who are interested in topics relating to women and learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorder. The focus is primarily on adult women with learning differences and higher education. College educators, researchers, counselors, disability suppport staff, admissions, or psychologists and therapists in private practice who work with women with learning differences may be particularly interested. Women who have learning differences are especially welcome. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WLDADD Your Name to LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM .

WOMCOLLIB has been established to share information among those working in libraries at women's colleges and to share scholarly inquiry dealing with women's colleges or women's education. Examples of issues include ways in which women access and process information, ways library facilities may be best designed to serve women, and scholarly resources valuable to the study of women's education. To subscribe, send a message to LIST-REQUEST@CATT.COCHRAN.SBC.EDU; in the SUBJECT HEADER, say SUBSCRIBE WOMCOLLIB Firstname Lastname . Not that this goes in the subject header, not the body of the message.

WOMLATEPHD is a list specifically for women who pursued or are pursuing their master's degree or Ph.D. at the age of 40 or above. Women doing their Ph.D. studies in the mature years present unique experiences, different needs and goals than those of younger students. The list is intended to serve as a network of support. It welcomes women from many countries. Though the main working language of communication is English, the list's moderator is also able to communicate in German and Italian. For more information or to subscribe, see the WOMLATEPHD web page in Yahoo groups.

WOMYNWIT is a list for women professors of adult education and is open only to them. For more information, write to the listowner at WOMYNWIT-REQUEST@TAMU.EDU . To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WOMYNWIT Your Name to LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU (the 1 at the end of TAMVM1 is the number one).

WORK4WOMEN-DEVELOPMENT is a forum where educators and workforce development professionals who work on behalf of women and girls can exchange questions on non-traditional-occupation-related subjects and suggest solutions; post information about events and funding opportunities, and learn about resource materials that will help women and girls obtain and remain in high-wage non-traditional occupations in such areas as technology, constructions, telecommunications, law enforcement, and other industries where women represent less than 25% of the workforce. For more information or to subscribe, see the WORK4WOMEN-DEVELOPMENT web page on egroups or send a message to work4women-development-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

WRAC-L (Women's Resource and Action Centers List) focuses on issues and resources of significance to women's centers. The list is open to the staff and affiliates of women's centers, whether community-based or associated with schools, colleges, or universities. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WRAC-L Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU . For more information, see L-Soft's WRAC-L web page.

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