Women-Related Email Lists in the Arts and Humanities

Last updated: November 22, 2016
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Here are some women-related email lists that focus on the arts and/or the humanities. If the instructions say "send usual subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE AUSTEN-L Jane Doe):

AFAMFEMPLAYWRIGHTS is dedicated to promoting African American female playwrights and African American theatre by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among African American female playwrights. Although primarily a group for African American female playwrights, AFAMFEMPLAYWRIGHTS welcomes other African American female theatre artists and technicians. For more information or to join, see the AFAMFEMPLAYWRIGHTS web page at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/afamfemplaywrights .

AFEMMSS-L is a list associated with the Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Metaphysics, Methodologies, and Science Studies. The list aims to be an interdisciplinary group for people studying gender and science from many perspectives. To subscribe, see information at member info page

ANAHITA-L is a list devoted to discussions of women and gender in the ancient Mediterranean world. It is not a list on which to reveal your personal encounters with deities or to proselytize for your religion. For more information or to subscribe, go to the ANAHITA-L web page at Yahoo Groups.

ARTISTS-AND-WRITERS is the email list of the Women Artists & Writers International, publisher of the electronic magazine Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women. The list is designed to foster creativity, friendship, and discussion among the international creative community of women. Creative women are encouraged to share their work but are not required to do so. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ARTISTS-AND-WRITERS to MAJORDOMO@MAILINGLIST.NET .

AUSTEN-L is a list for discussion of the work and time of 19th-century British novelist Jane Austen and her contemporaries. To subscribe, send the message SUB AUSTEN-L Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTS.MCGILL.CA .

AWSS-L (Association for Women in Slavic Studies) is a moderated list intended to serve the professional and academic needs of women working in Slavic Studies as researchers, teachers, students, librarians, and/or program administrators. Subscription is available for AWSS members, and on a one-month trial basis to non-members. Send the message SUBSCRIBE AWSS-L Your Name to LISTSERV@MSU.EDU .

BOOKBABES is a list for independent book publishers that are owned (or, in the case of non-profits, directed) by women who self-identify as lesbian and/or feminist. To subscribe, send an email message to SEAJAY@DNAI.COM saying that you want to subscribe to BOOKBABES. Include your name, email address, publishing affiliation, and appropriate, qualifying information about the publishing house and subscriber.

BOOKFIENDS is a list for feminist, lesbian, gay, and other alternative editors, publishers, booksellers, distributors, and the like. To subscribe, write to Felice Newman at Cleis Press (CLEIS@ENGLISH.HSS.CMU.EDU), giving her your name, the name of your company, and your email address.

BRONTE is devoted to discussion of the three Brontë sisters' lives and works. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BRONTE to MAJORDOMO@WORLD.STD.COM .

BYLADY-L focuses on literature by women, with special emphasis on novelists writing in the mid-18th to mid-19th century. The list doesn't do group readings, but it does try to help with research queries, syllabi suggestions, etc. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BYLADY-L Your Name to LISTPROC@FRANK.MTSU.EDU .

CMS-TEACHING-WOMGEN, created by the College Music Society's Committee on Music, Women, and Gender, is an unmoderated list that focuses on teaching women and gender topics in college music courses. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE CMS-TEACHING-WOMGEN to MAJORDOMO@MUSIC.ORG .

CORNWELL is a list for discussion of the works of mystery writer Patricia Cornwell. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE CORNWELL Your Name to listserv@listserv.louisville.edu.

DICKNSON is a moderated list for discussion of the work of 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson. More information and list archives are available at the DICKNSON web site. To subscribe, send the message SUB DICKNSON Your e-address Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UTA.EDU . Be sure to omit the second "i" in Dickinson: the list's name is spelled DICKNSON.

DL-ANNOUNCE is an announcements-only list about upcoming books, personal appearances, etc. of British author Doris Lessing. To subscribe, send an email message addressed to JOIN-DL-ANNOUNCE@CLIO.LYRIS.NET . Put nothing in the Subject line or in the body of the message. You will automatically be added to the list. For related information, see the Lessing web site.

DRABBLE-DISCUSS is a discussion list focusing on British author Margaret Drabble. To subscribe, send an email message to JOIN-DRABBLE-DISCUSS@CLIO.LYRIS.NET . Put nothing in the Subject line or in the body of the message. You will automatically be added to the list. For related information, see the Drabble web site.

EmMail. A Yahoo groups list for discussion of Emily Dickinson and her poetry. For more information or to subscribe, go to the EmMail Yahoo Groups web page.

FABLIST focuses on feminist approaches to bio-ethics. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FABLIST Your Name to LISTSERV@LIST.MSU.EDU . For more information, see the FABLIST web page

FACES-L is "an international mailing list that connects women activists, artists, critics, theoreticians, technicians, journalists, researchers, programmers, networkers, web designers, and educators: women who share an interest in the media and communication arts." It is not a chat list but rather a cyber-resource though which women can share their projects, exhibitions, critical opinions, and texts. For more information or to subscribe, see the FACES-L web page.

FAH (Feminist Art History list) is a list for researchers, curators, art historians, faculty, students, and all those interested in discussing research issues and sharing resources of women artists throughout history. Topics may include theoretical discourse of historical or contemporary women artists' imagery; sharing obscure resources; discussing newly discovered artists; sharing course syllabi and bibliographies, etc. Students' research queries are welcome. You can subscribe at the FAH web page or by sending an email message to FAH-REQUEST@ESTOREMAKERS.COM with SUBSCRIBE in the Subject line and nothing in the body.

FEAST is an email list for the Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEAST Your Name to listserv@lsv.uky.edu. More information is available at the FEAST web page.

FEM-BIBLIO was created for discussing books related to women and/or spirituality. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEM-BIBLIO Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM .

FEMINISTSF is "a list for feminists and activists; writers, readers, and scholars of science fiction, fantastic, and utopian literature." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMINISTSF Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU . For a more focused, semi-moderated list, try FEMINISTSF-LIT . The instructions for subscribing are the same, except for the list's name. More information about both lists is available at the Feminist SF web site. [NOTE (7/2006): MOST OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS NO LONGER CORRECT. THE LIST SEEMS STILL TO EXIST. I'VE WRITTEN FOR UPDATED INFORMATION.]

FEMMYSTERY is a list for fans of female mystery writers who write about female main characters. For more information or to subscribe, go to the FEMMYSTERY web site.

FICTIONS is a virtual book discussion group for lesbians and bisexual women interested in all kinds of fiction, with a slight preference for the contemporary period. List members may propose books to be read for group discussion, or simply post comments about whatever they are currently reading. All participants are encouraged to post at least once a month, even if just to provide a list of recent reads, perhaps with short reviews. For more information about the list, including instructions for subscribing, send the message INFO FICTIONS to MAJORDOMO@QUEERNET.ORG .

FLANNERY-L is a scholarly discussion forum about the life and writings of Flannery O'Connor. Postings may include queries, calls for papers, discussion, conference announcements, information on new publications, and other topics relevant to O'Connor studies. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to FLANNERY-L@GRUMPY.GAC.PEACHNET.EDU and on the SUBJECT line, put ADD ME TO THE LIST . You should receive a response outlining the various commands.

FLING is "a woman-centered list for women in linguistics and related fields, such as anthropology, artificial intelligence, communications, foreign language pedagogy, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and women's studies. The list has been created to provide women with a forum in which to discuss professionally relevant issues, broadly construed, and in which the terms of discussion are established and maintained by women." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FLING Your Name to LISTSERV@UNC.EDU .

4Indianwoman.com Discussion Board is a web-based forum for Indian women. Separate sections of the forum include Female Issues, Current Issues, Social Issues, Entertainment and Sports, Freelancing, Writing Techniques, and General. The Discussion Board is part of the larger 4Indianwoman.com web site, a writing platform for Indian women that offers weekly blogs, stories, novels, poems, articles, commentary, and more.

FWSDWC, sponsored by the NCA's Feminist and Women Studies Division and Women's Caucus, is an unmoderated list (in contrast to the moderated list GENDER) established "to share information of interest to women as well as to those who support women and issues of importance to women in the communication discipline." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FWSDWC Firstname Lastname to SUBSCRIBE@ARISTOTLE.ES.TWSU.EDU .

GASKELL-L is a list for notices, inquiries, information, and discussion related to the life and literature of Elizabeth Gaskell, as well as to any related areas of interest. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GASKELL-L to majordomo@creighton.edu . More information about the list and about Elizabeth Gaskell can be found on the Elizabeth Gaskell Information Page.

GENDER is a moderated forum for exploring the role of communication (including media) in how ideas of masculinity, femininity, androgyny, and other concepts of gender are negotiated. NOTE: People with educational e-mail addresses (those ending in .edu or .ac.xx) or addresses in certain less developed countries may subscribe to GENDER for free; people writing from commercial accounts (.com) must first join CIOS at a cost of US $45 per year in order to subscribe. To subscribe, send the message JOIN GENDER Your Name to COMSERVE@CIOS.LLC.RPI.EDU .

GEN-MUS is a list for discussion of music in relation to women, gender, and sexuality. Contributions may be professional in tone, or may be informal personal messages, or anything in between. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GEN-MUS to MAJORDOMO@VIRGINIA.EDU .

HDSOC-L is a list for the exchange of information on the works of the poet HD (Hilda Doolittle). The list is affiliated with the Hilda Doolittle Society. Send usual subscription message to LISTSERV@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU .

H-HISTSEX is a list for historians of sexuality. It welcomes calls for papers, information about and reviews of new publications, requests for information, and discussion concerning historical perspectives on heterosexual relations: premarital (illegitimacy, courtship), marital, extramarital (adultery, divorce); same-sex relations; masturbation; prostitution; sexually transmitted diseases; abortion, birth control; sex education; moral reform organizations; legal regulation of sexual behavior; medical views; pornography; censorship; "perversions," etc. To obtain more information, read the archives, or subscribe, see the H-HISTSEX web page .

H-QUILTS is a moderated list whose purpose is to provide an exchange of information for individuals engaged in quilting research and documentation. The list provides a forum for raising issues, reporting findings, reviewing books and articles, and sharing information about exhibitions, collections, publications, grant opportunities, calls for papers, and conferences. More information is available at the H-QUILTS web site. You can subscribe at that site or by sending a message to listserv@h-net.msu.edu that says SUBSCRIBE H-QUILTS Your Name, Your Affiliation.

H-SAWH is a moderated academic list for studying the history of women and gender in the U. S. South. It encourages exchange about current research, reviews of primary and secondary sources, discussion of approaches and methods for teaching the history of women and gender in the U.S. South, announcements, etc. To subscribe, send the message SUB H-SAWH firstname lastname, institution (e.g., SUB SAWH Pat Jones, Southern State U.) to LISTSERV@H-NET.MSU.EDU . By return mail, you will receive a short questionnaire which must be completed and returned to confirm your subscription.

H-WOMEN is a forum for scholars and teachers of Women's History. For more information, see the list's web site. To subscribe, send the message SUB H-WOMEN Your Name, Affiliation (e.g., SUB H-WOMEN Leslie Jones, Southern Jersey U.) to LISTSERV@H-NET.MSU.EDU .

HEXENFORSCHUNG is an interdisciplinary German-language list for the scholarly study of witches. For more information, a look at the archives, and subscription instructions, see the HEXENFORSCHUNG web page.

HEYER LIST is an email forum for discussing all things pertaining to the work of novelist Georgette Heyer, including the Regency world of her novels. For more information or to subscribe, see the Heyer List web site at http://www.heyerlist.org/ .

HISTORY-CHILD-FAMILY has been established "to enable the exchange of ideas and resources among teachers and researchers of childhood and family history in Britain and Europe." More information is available at the list's web site. To subscribe, send the message JOIN HISTORY-CHILD-FAMILY Firstname Lastname to JISCMAIL@JISCMAIL.AC.UK .


IAWMLIST is a forum for members of the International Alliance for Women in Music. Discussion focuses on women composers and women-in-music topics. There are regular postings of composer opportunities. Non-member participation on the list is permitted. To subscribe, send a one-word email message saying SUBSCRIBE IAWMLIST Firstname Lastname (e.g., SUBSCRIBE IAWMLIST Jane Smith, if your name is Jane Smith) to LISTSERV@UNT.EDU . For more information, see the IAWM web site.

ICWP-L gives women in theatre, esp. playwrights, the opportunity to converse with one another concerning all aspects of their craft. While ICWP-L is for members of the International Center for Women Playwrights and its supporters, those wishing to sub to this list for 3 months before deciding on membership may do so. To subscribe, write to LISTADMIN@INTERNATIONALWOMENPLAYWRIGHTS.ORG .

JOAN OF ARC is a moderated discussion group affiliated with the International Joan of Arc Society. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE to JOANOFARC@SEAS.SMU.EDU .

K-D-LANG welcomes "discussion of k.d. lang and her music, concert appearances, interviews, any other miscellaneous k.d.-related musings and some general chat. A sense of humor is requested, the kitschier the better." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE K-D-LANG to MAJORDOMO@WORLD.STD.COM .

LANYER is a list for discussion of the 17th-century English poet Aemilia Lanyer. Send message SUBSCRIBE LANYER Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU .

LEGACY - see SSAWW, below.

LESBIANMUSICIANS is a list for lesbian musicians. It has a moderated subscription procedure, so you will be asked a few questions before joining. For more information or to subscribe, go to the LESBIANMUSICIANS web page. [This web page has become very difficult to access. If you are over 18, try signing in to Yahoo Groups and then going to the list's URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lesbianmusicians/ .] You can also subscribe by sending a message to lesbianmusicians-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .

LESBIAN-WRITERS is a professional networking, support, and discussion group for lesbians who are or aspire to be published writers of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. The list will serve as a clearinghouse of information of interest to lesbian writers as well as a springboard for spinoff mini-lists that will function as "virtual writing groups." For more information, send the message INFO LESBIAN-WRITERS to MAJORDOMO@QUEERNET.ORG .

MEDFEM-L is an unmoderated list for discussion of feminist approaches to medieval studies. Send usual subscription message to LISTPROC@U.WASHINGTON.EDU .

MEDIAWOMENUK is a UK-based moderated forum for discussion, networking, and personal development for women in the media and creative industries (i.e., TV, radio, journalism, publishing, PR, new media, etc.). For more information or to subscribe, see the MEDIAWOMENUK web page on Yahoo Groups.

MEMBERS is a forum primarily for Lambda Classical Caucus members. It provides a space for distributing information, networking, and spreading awareness. Others interested in the interaction between gender Studies, queer theory, and Classics are strongly encouraged to join the Lambda Classical Caucus. For more information or to subscribe, see the MEMBERS web page. [This list may have developed from the now apparently defunct CLASSICSLGB list.]

MOMWRITERS is a list for moms (and dads, too) trying to launch or keep a writing career afloat amidst Barbies and Hot Wheels. The list offers encouragement, tips for home office success amidst children, words of wisdom from those who have been there, and other general writing advice. You can subscribe at the MOMWRITERS web page.

19CWWW-L - See LEGACY, above.

OCTAVIA-L is devoted to discussion of the work of African American feminist science fiction writer Octavia Butler. To subscribe, send the usual subscription message to LISTSERV@MAILHOST.TCS.TULANE.EDU .

PUBLISHING-FEMINISM serves the needs and interests of feminists involved in all aspects of publishing, be it scholarly, academic, progressive, popular press, or electronic. The list is open to anyone (professionals, academics, students, independent scholars, etc.) who would like to engage in dialogues focusing on feminism and publishing. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE PUBLISHING-FEMINISM Your Name to LISTPROC@LISTS.COLORADO.EDU .

PAGLIA-L is a moderated list devoted to discussion of the writings and ideals of Camille Paglia. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE PAGLIA-L to MAILSERV@AC.DAL.CA .

PATRICIACORNWELL is a list for fans of mystery novelist Patricia Cornwell and her protagonist, Dr. Kay Scarpetta. "Also open to other fiction and nonfiction medical, law, or mystery fans." For more information or to subscribe, go to the PatriciaCornwell web page. You can also subscribe by sending a message to PatriciaCornwell-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

RANDIAN-FEMINISM is "a forum for Objectivist Feminists and Randian Feminists--people who share a common interest in Feminist philosophy, issues and perspectives, and in Ayn Rand's ideas and philosophy." For more information or to subscribe, see the RANDIAN-FEMINISM web site.

ASACREDGROVE is a group for pagan women of all paths to come together and talk about books and writing, be it pagan-influenced or something completely different. Share book reviews and recommendations, discuss pagan topics and women's issues, or contribute any of your own writings. For more information or to subscribe, see the ASacredGrove web page.

SINC-IC (Sisters in Crime - Internet Chapter) is a list for female mystery writers. The list serves as both a newsletter and a forum for discussion of relevant issues. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE SINC-IC to MAJORDOMO@MYSTERY.COM .

SONGBIRDS is a list devoted to discussions of the legendary female vocalists of "classic pop" and jazz whose careers flourished between the 1930s and the 1960s: Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Doris Day, Sarah Vaughn, June Christy, Rosemary Clooney, Lena Horne, etc. You can get more information and/or subscribe at the SONGBIRDS web page.

SSAWW-L, formerly LEGACY, is run by the Society for the Study of American Women Writers and is "devoted to discussions which foster the study and appreciation of all American women writers," and for discussion of the Society and its journal, Legacy. To subscribe to SSAWW-L, go to the SSAWW-L web page .

A_STAR_TREK_WOMAN is a list for women who love the characters in Star Trek and want to talk about them and why we find them so attractive. For more information or to subscribe, go to the A_Star_Trek_Woman web page.

STEIN-L is an academically inspired electronic discussion list and virtual salon on the art of Gertrude Stein and issues pertinent to it, such as Modernism, Postmodernism, Women Writers, Expatriate Literature, Sexuality and Gender, and many more. For more information, see the STEIN-L web page. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE STEIN-L Your Name to LISTPROC@UCDAVIS.EDU . Leave the subject line blank.

SWIP-L is an information and discussion list for members of the Society for Women in Philosophy and others interested in feminist philosophy. See also the list's web site. Subscription messages should be sent to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UH.EDU .

VWOOLF, run under the general auspices of the Virginia Woolf Society, is an unmoderated list devoted to the exchange of information, ideas, and queries about Virginia Woolf. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE VWOOLF Your Name to LISTPROC@LISTS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU .

WAL (Women Artists Listserv) is a discussion forum for contemporary international women artists of all backgrounds, including students. Topics may include exhibition opportunities; sharing resources; technical issues; balancing art, family, relationships, and work; obstacles and opportunities facing women artists today; financial and sales issues; forming international alliances; how to use electronic resources to gain visibility, etc. Please do not send announcements of upcoming exhibitions to the list. You can subscribe from the WAL web page or by sending an email message to WAL-REQUEST@NETDREAMS.COM with SUBSCRIBE in the Subject line and nothing in the body.

WCML-L is the list affiliated with the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages. It carries notices of professional opportunities, calls for papers, announcement of conferences, and questions and requests for information about professional issues. To subscribe to the list, send a message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU with the words SUBSCRIBE WCML-L Your Name in the body of the message.

WELDON-DISCUSS is a discussion list about British author Fay Weldon. To subscribe, send an email message to JOIN-WELDON-DISCUSS@CLIO.LYRIS.NET . Put nothing in the Subject line or in the body of the message. You will automatically be added to the list. For related information, see the Weldon web site.

WHARTON-L, the online discussion list of the Edith Wharton Society, enourages the exchange of information about scholarship and resources on Wharton, announcements of interest to members, and, above all, discussion about Edith Wharton and her works. You do not need to be a member of the Wharton Society to join WHARTON-L. To subscribe to this unmoderated list, send the message SUBSCRIBE WHARTON-L to majordomo@gonzaga.edu. For more information, see the Edith Wharton Society web site.

WHIRL (Women's History in Rhetoric and Language) focuses on women's rhetorical activities of all kinds (argumentation, debate, public speaking, oratory, fiction, non-fiction, etc.) from ancient times to the present. Send subscription requests (SUB WHIRL Your Name) to LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU .

WHOM is a list for women historians of medicine. Women working in the history of public health, health issues, medicine, and medical sciences are welcome to join. Managed by Conevery Bolton Valencius of Washington University, the list provides an informal way for women historians to cooperate, network, strategize, and circulate information. To join, send the message SUBSCRIBE WHOM Your Name to LISTSERV@ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU .

WIF is sponsored by Women in French, an academic organization that promotes the study of francophone women writers and of women more generally in francophone countries. For more information, see the Women in French web page.

WIG-L, sponsored by the Coalition of Women in German, focuses on the feminist study of German literature, culture, and language. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WOMEN_IN_GERMAN Your-email-address. More information is available at the Women in German web site.

WOMEN-BODYART is open only to women over the age of 18. It provides a safe and hassle-free space for discussing all types of body art, including tattooing, piercing, branding, scarification, and any other form of body modification done for the sake of art, as well as all aspects of the process. The list's primary participants are body art enthusiasts, and the advice they give is in no way guaranteed to be accurate or safe. To subscribe, send the one-word message SUBSINGLE (or SUBSCRIBE, to get the digest version) to WOMEN-BODYART-REQUEST@LISTS.BEST.COM . For more information, send the message GETINFO to the same address.

WOMENET has been initiated by the American Studies Association Women's Task Force to facilitate discussion of the status of international women in American Studies and the intersection among women's studies, American Studies, and international perspectives. The list should provide an opportunity for women in American Studies around the world to "think out loud" and to discuss their research, teaching, and academic situation. To subscribe, send the usual subscription message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.GEORGETOWN.EDU .

WomenwritersThroughThe Ages is "a group for serious readers who like to talk about what they read in depth." Discussion focuses on all kinds of writing by and for women of all eras, cultures, and languages, as well as on music, pictures, and film. More information can be found on the WomenwritersThroughThe Ages web site, as well as the WWTTA web page on Yahoo, where you can also subscribe.

WOMENWRITERS ZINE is a list for discussion of women writers and related literary topics. For more information (including a look at the archives) and/or to subscribe, go to the WOMENWRITERS ZINE list's web page.

WOM-MUS is a forum for people working on womyn's music festivals, feminist music events, riot grrrl or other contemporary feminist musics, and feminist theory/music history as related to these topics. Independent scholars and people working in the organizational and business end of feminist cultural organizations are welcome also. The list is NOT intended as a "fan club." To subscribe, send your email address to ORBIT@NO-FI.COM (the letter after the F is an upper-case i). That same address can also be used to obtain more information.

WOMUSIC is an unmoderated discussion list for academic/feminist inquiry related to women's music, women's musical spaces, and women's performance in contemporary popular music. Any genre of music may be included, including (but not limited to) folk, women's music collectives and women-only spaces, women-centric punk (e.g., RiotGrrl), country music, rap, and lesbian punk/queercore. To subscribe, send the message SUB WOMUSIC Your Name to LISTSERV@DARTMOUTH.EDU .

WOM-PO is a list for discussion of women's poetry in all languages and periods, from poets of all ethnicities. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WOM-PO Your Name to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.MUOHIO.EDU .

WSF (Women's Short Fiction List) is a supportive forum for writers of fiction aimed primarily at women, such as confessions, romances, and other types of short fiction. Participants share advice, encouragement, ideas, and personal experiences. Both male and female writers of this genre are welcome to join. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WSF to MAJORDOMO@MAJORDOMO.NET .

WTP-L, the Women and Theatre Program discussion list, is a forum for scholars and artists interested in feminism, sexualities, race, class, and gender as they relate to theatre and performance. People can exchange information about current research, production methodologies, teaching or rehearsal strategies, funding sources, useful texts/films, the availability of performers as guest artists, new plays, etc. Send standard subscription message to LISTSERV@UHCCVM.UHCC.HAWAII.EDU .

WWA-L (Women Writers and Artists) is "a list for creative women who would like to connect with other creative women in an intimate setting. We want to keep the list on the small side with active participants." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE WWA-L Your Name to LISTSERV@PSUVM.PSU.EDU . The message will be sent to the listowner, who will add people manually. Subscribers will be asked to prepare a short bio. For more information, write to Sue Poremba at SCP4@PSU.EDU .

WWP-L was set up by the Women Writers Project to discuss the project and women writers from pre-Victorian periods. Send subscription messages (SUB WWP-L Your Name) to LISTSERV@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU .

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