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Last updated: November 22, 2016

Here are some women-related email forums that focus on activism. If the instructions say "send subscription message," the message to send is SUBSCRIBE [listname] Your Name (e.g., SUBSCRIBE ECOFEM Jane Doe).

BIACT-L is a list for bisexual activists. Subscription messages (SUB BIACT-L Your Name) should be sent to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU.

BOL began as a moderated list "for people and organizations within South Asia and outside to come together, discuss and work on issues of gender, reproductive health and rights and legal developments pertaining to human rights within the region." More recently, it expanded its focus to include women's studies in the South Asian region. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE BOL to majordomo@mos.com.np .More information is available at the BOL web page.

CHICNEWS(ChicanaWriter News) is an interactive list that welcomes calls for papers, general information, and news about Chicanas across the United States, as well as personal commentaries and Chicana activism. The list provides a place to form connections and plan conferences and projects. You can subscribe from the YahooGroups ChicNews page or by sending a message to chicnews-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

CNWE is the email list for the Catholic Network for Women's Equality, a support and advocacy group for women and men in the Roman Catholic tradition. Based in Canada, the organization seeks "to effect structural change in the institutional church that reflects the mutuality and integrity of a community of co-equal disciples." It also seeks to create "life-giving alternatives to the present institutional structures." For more information, see the Catholic Network for Women's Equality web site. You can subscribe on CNWE's Yahoo groups web page.

DVCLINIC focuses on law school domestic violence clinics, but practicing lawyers and others who are interested are also welcome. The focus is mostly on practical advice. You can subscribe from the DVClinic web page or by sending the message SUBSCRIBE to Dvclinicrequest@lists.washlaw.edu.

FEMINIST-L describes itself as "a list for discussion of feminist practice, politics, controversies, and theory." Its primary audience is feminist activists, feminist bloggers, feminist students, and feminist academics. The address I had for this list no longer works, but a list by the same name (but described as the Feminist Studies Group) is now at CUNY (the City University of New York) To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE FEMINIST-L Your Name to listserv@listserv.gc.cuny.edu . If you have questions about FEMINIST-L, you can write to the list owners at FEMINIST-L-Request@gc.listserv.cuny.edu .

FEM-NET is a group of Japanese-language lists dedicated to the feminist movement. It currently has sub-lists for women-only talk, action alerts, events and announcements, and violence against women. New sub-groups are added as needed. For more information (in Japanese), see the FEM-NET web site.

FIVERS (Feminists against Intimate Violence through Empowerment, Energizing, Education, Exchange Resources, Resistance, Research AND Support) focuses on all aspects of intimate abuse and examines the phenomenon from a feminist perspective. The acronym FIVERS represents the diverse needs of the list members, who are women and men from many countries. Some are survivors; all are dedicated to building a peaceful, just, and non-violent world. To subscribe, send an email message to fivers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or subscribe at the FIVERS web page .

GENDERSEXSTUDIES-L is an unmoderated list for those interested in countering attacks on, or promoting the study of, gender and sexuality in public higher education. Recent events suggest that funding cuts and threats to secondary and higher education will often center around debates on gender and sexuality. We hope that by combining our support and resources, this list will help us better respond to these attacks. The list is sponsored by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE GENDERSEXSTUDIES-L to MAJORDOMO@BROOKLYN.CUNY.EDU . [Note: This forum apparently still exists, but information about it is now hard to get. The description above was written years ago; I have no idea whether it is still accurate, except for the info about how to subscribe.]

GLAS-WOMEN-RIGHTS, sponsored by the Network of East-West Women, is the Russian-language counterpart to NEWW-RIGHTS. GLAS-WOMEN-RIGHTS has information about women's legal issues of relevance to post-communist countries. To subscribe, contact Irina Doskitch at neww@glasnet.ru.

IFF-L (Israel Feminist Forum) is a meeting place for people who share a commitment to promoting feminisms in Israel, academics and activists alike. It is not a place for debating whether feminism is desirable, but assumes that all those who subscribe think it is. The purpose of the list is to discuss feminist issues, post notices of special interest to feminists, and mobilize support for feminist causes in Israel. To subscribe, go to the IFF-L web page .

PAR-L is a bilingual (English/French), moderated list for exchanging information about policy, action, and research on issues of concern to women in Canada. Begun by the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women (CACSW), PAR-L is intended as a support for the community of feminist researchers and activists in Canada. More information and resources can be found on the PAR-L web site. To subscribe to the list, send the message SUBSCRIBE PAR-L Firstname Lastname to PAR-L-SERVER@UNB.CA.

PREVENT-CONNECT is "a moderated email list to discuss issues related to the prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. Hundreds of people interested in prevention programs participate in this group." PREVENT-CONNECT is "where local, state, national, and tribal agencies and organizations will discuss how to develop, implement, and evaluate effective violence against women prevention initiatives." The list is affiliated with the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA). For more information or to subscribe, go to the Prevent-Connect web page on Yahoo Groups.

PROFEM is a pro-feminist list with a focus on men, masculinities, and gender relations. The list's purpose is to promote dialogue and networking among men and women concerned with gender justice and the elimination of sexism and gender inequalities, to circulate information on new initiatives, research, and resources, and to provide a virtual community to men and women who may feel isolated in their political efforts and/or their personal realisations and struggles. For more information, see the PROFEM web page.

RIMA "RIMA – Red Informativa de Mujeres de Argentina es un proyecto de comunicación que se realiza a través de una lista de distribución por correo electrónico homónima, dedicada a la información y el intercambio entre mujeres feministas, periodistas, organizaciones del movimiento de mujeres, investigadoras, estudiantes, y activistas del país y también de países de Latinoamérica." For more information or to subscribe to this Spanish-language list, see RIMA-lista web page or the broader RIMA web site.

The email forums RURALCONNECT and RURALWOMYN, which focused on all aspects of being a woman in rural America, no longer exist. These forums' concerns can now be discussed on the Rural Woman Zone on Facebook.

SELF_DEFENSE_FOR_WOMEN is a Yahoo Groups forum for women who are active in the martial arts or who are interested in self defense. For more information or to subscribe, see the Self_Defense_For_Women Yahoo group web page.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign that occurs each year from November 25 to December 10; it calls for the elimination of all forms of violence against women through demonstrations, art exhibits, TV shows, seminars, and more. The communication that used to take place on an email forum of the same name now apparently takes place on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. More information can be found at http://www.cwgl.rutgers.edu/16days/home.html .

s urban_women is an international forum with the objective of facilitating an exchange of information and sharing of experiences, resources, and strategies to advance women's rights and gender equality in local governance and local governments. The listserve is open to all womens's groups, activists, institutions, equality-seeking organizations, women in local government - elected officials, administrators, staff, partners, women urban professionals, etc. Men are also welcome. For more information or to subscribe, see the urban_women Yahoo groups page.

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