Gender-Related Electronic Forums has received the following commendations:

Current Web Contents Current Web Contents selection, August 2006.
Canadian Women's Internet Directory Canadian Women's Internet Directory selection, January 2003.
SOSIG logo Social Science Information Gateway selection [U. K.], October 2002.
backwash listing Backwash Listing, August 2001.
Current Web Contents selection Current Web Contents selection, January 2001.
Hardin Clean Bill of Health Award Hardin MD Clean Bill of Health Award, November 2000.
Top Sites selection Top Sites Selection (Reference), March 1999.
Academic Info Select Site Academic Info Select Site, February 1999.
Digital Librarian: Best of the Web Digital Librarian: Best of the Web, July 1998
Links2Go Key Resource award Links2Go Key Resource Award, July 1998.
Featured on UnderWire, the online magazine for women UnderWire recommended pick, May 1998.
Librarians' Index to the Internet: Best of Resources on Women and Women's Studies Librarians' Index to the Internet: Best of Resources on Women and Women's Studies,  January 1998.
argus Argus Clearinghouse selection, October, 1997.
Roses Award Planet Amazon Bouquet of Roses Award: September 1, 1997


Beyond the Black Stump selection Beyond the Black Stump selection, April 1997.
Lycos top 5% Lycos Top 5% Award, February 1997.

yin award Yin Best of the Web, February 1997.

award logo Cited as a valuable resource in the Internet Resources Newsletter (U.K.), January 1997

[winfonet logo] Named a Top Ten Women's Site by Winfonet Computer Solutions, December 1996

Featured in the July 1, 1996 issue of US News & World Report

[logo] Honored (June 1996) by Cyberspace Field of Dreams Award

Cited as an especially worthy resource in the May 17, 1996 issue of the Scout Report

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