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NASA's BEST Students

Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology

NASA needs engineers, and kids are natural explorers. NASA's BEST Students encourages students of all ages to engage in engineering and exploration activities.

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NASA's BEST Activities (Curriculum Guides)

The guides offered here are a compliation of materials from many sources. The activities have been adapted to follow a slightly modified version of the Engineering Design Process from the Boston Museum of Science. These guides contain 12 activities, each of approximately one-hour duration. The activities were designed with engineering clubs in mind, keeping the cost down. The materials are meant to be low-cost and easy to find. The objective of the clubs is to introduce students to a disciplined way of approaching engineering projects, without getting too tangled up in the learning of the process. In other words, the kids should have FUN, and hopefully learn the Engineering Design Process along the way. Feedback from the pilot in 2008 in 23 schools and over 300 students in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, suggests that the method is working.

NOTE: the guides are currently undergoing NASA's Education Product Review. The guides offered here are, thus, DRAFTS, and not officially endorsed by NASA.

Activity Guides

Girl shows us the rover she made.

Electronic Professional Development (ePD)

NASA offers a four-part, web-based series comprising an introduction to the NASA BEST Activities and the Engineering Design Process. We include a brief introduction to online NASA Education materials at the end of each session. Contact Marci.Delaney @ if you are interested in participating. Below are links to the materials used in the BEST ePD series.

Brittany in the Studio

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

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BEST Team Activities

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  • NASA's BEST Students, Project Coordinator: Dr. Susan Hoban, Susan.Hoban @
  • Electronic Professional Development
    • Presenter: Brittany Hamolia, Brittany.L.Hamolia @
    • Questions regarding participation in ePD: Dr. Marci Delaney, Marci.Delaney @

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