ICD Officers' Job Descriptions

Division Head: (Automatically advances from vice head). Serves as the division's leader and administrator. Tasks include presiding over the annual meeting, attending the mid-winter meeting (with the vice head/program chair) of AEJMC to participate in the convention program planning session, writing official divisional reports, arranging special events such as mid-winter conferences and socials, coordinating activities among the division's officers and members and performing other leadership activities aimed at strengthening international communication teaching, research and service. The Head will serve as chair of the Executive Committee.

Vice Head/Program Chair: (Elected) Responsible for generating and coordinating the division's non-research conference programming. Tasks include soliciting panel proposals, finding co-sponsors for the panel proposals, attending the midwinter planning meeting with division Head), notifying persons of panels selected, requesting funds from AEJMC for speaker travel, writing program copy on panel sessions, and assisting the division Head and research chair as otherwise required.

Secretary/Treasurer: (Elected) Takes minutes of the annual meeting, prepares an official copy for the division head's report, and keeps the official files and records of the division up-to-date. In addition, this person carries out tasks assigned by the division head throughout the year, such as preparing special flyers or invitations for division events.

Editor, International Communication Bulletin: (Appointed). Produces and distributes the Bulletin, which is the divisional publication. Tasks include collecting, reviewing (with the input of other ICD members) and editing all material, laying out pages, desktop publishing, coordinating with printers, and mailing the Bulletin. The editor maintains a balance between teaching-related and research-related content in the Bulletin.

World Wide Web Coordinator: (Appointed). Maintains the division's web site and coordinates the information received from Head and members of the executive committee. Facilitates announcements via the web site.

Research Chair: (Appointed). Coordinates activities associated with soliciting and judging research papers, and with scheduling selected papers into sessions at the annual convention. Discrete tasks include issuing the call for papers, locating judges, coordinating the blind review of papers immediately after the April 1 deadline, calculating scores from both the Markham and regular paper competition, scheduling the highest rated papers into panel sessions, notifying authors of the acceptance or non-acceptance of their papers, and preparing copy for the convention program.

Markham Chair: (Appointed). Coordinates the student research paper competition, including the call for papers, identification of judges, handling of the blind review, final selection, and notification of selection and non-selection.

PF & R Chair: (Appointed). Promotes awareness among AEJMC members of professional freedom and responsibility (PF &R) issues in international communication through convention and out-of-convention activities. Conference activities include proposing and organizing PF & R panel sessions. Out-of-convention activities have included co-sponsoring sessions on international communication issues related to PF & R at other organizational conventions.

Teaching Standards Chair: (Appointed). Promotes research and the development of pedagogy to advance the teaching of international communication within journalism and mass communication departments. This includes organizing both convention and out-of-convention sessions on teaching methods and standards; coordinating syllabi, teaching tips, and other exchanges; and promoting awareness of teaching trends in international communication. Try to organize panels that are related to teaching.

Representatives to (a) Commission on the Status of Minorities and (b) Commission on the Status of Women: (Appointed). Serve as the division's liaison to these two commissions, by assuring a flow of relevant information and informing the division Head of issues that require the division's input. The representatives should try to find opportunities to co-sponsor panels with both of these commissions.

Membership Chair: (Appointed). Coordinates activities aimed at increasing the numbers and diversity of divisional members.

Liaison to Special Interest Groups: (Appointed). Maintains contact with AEJMC's special interest groups and informs the division Head of issues that require the division's input.

International Newswriting Contest Coordinator: (Appointed for a three-year term). Coordinates the International Newswriting contest by sending out the announcements in advance, getting publicity for the contest with the help of the Head via direct mail, through the ICB and the division's web site. Selects appropriate judges for the contest, gets the entries judged. Informs the winners and sends the results of the contest to the Head of the divison.

Outgoing Chair: Serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Committee for one year from the end of his or her term as Division Head.

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