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While I was an affiliated researcher with Georgia Institute of Technology, School of interactive Computing we've made the following contributions:

Frey, B., Rosier, K., Southern, C., Romero, M.,"From Texting App to Braille Literacy" ACM CHI 2012, Works in Progress. Austin, May 2012

Romero, M., Frey, B., Southern, C., Abowd, G., "BrailleTouch: Designing a Mobile Eyes-Free Soft Keyboard." Mobile HCI 2011, Design Competition. Stockholm, August 2011

Frey, B., Southern, C., Romero, M., "BrailleTouch: Mobile Texting for the Visually Impaired." Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction International, HCII. Orlando: July 2011.

GTRIC 2011 Innovation Contest Finalist

frey1 @ umbc . edu Office: ITE 448