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    Current Research

  • Substantive Area
  • The process of resilience in the lives of Afghan women
    • Related Publications
      • Brodsky, A. E. (accepted). Centuries of threat, centuries of resistance: The lessons of Afghan women's resilience. In Jennifer Heath & Ashraf Zahedi (Eds.) Women of Afghanistan in the Post-9/11 Era: Paths to Empowerment. University of California Press.

      • Brodsky, A. E. (accepted). Multiple PSOC in Afghan context: Women in Communities of Resistance. American Journal of Community Psychology.

      • Maton, K.I & Brodsky, A. E. (accepted). Empowering community settings: Theory, research and action. In Aber, M., Maton, K.I., & Seidman, E. (Eds). Empowering settings and voices for social change. Oxford University Press.

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        Brodsky, A. (2005). Por Baixo da Burca. Sao Paulo, Brazil: A Senhora Editora [Portuguese translation]
  • Theoretical and Methodological Areas
  • The operation of resilience at the individual and organizational/community-level
    • Related Publications
      • Brodsky, A.E., Welsh, E., Carillo, A, Talwar, G., Scheibler, J., Krohe, T. (in preparation) Between synergy and conflict: The dialectal of organizational and individual resilience in an Afghan women's community.
  • Psychological Sense of Community (PSOC)
    PSOC in multiple simultaneous settings (MPSOC)
    PSOC operation and meaning in cross cultural perspective
    • Related Publications
      • Brodsky, A. E. (accepted). Multiple PSOC in Afghan context: Women in communities of resistance. American Journal of Community Psychology.
      • Powell, K.H. & Brodsky, A.E. (in preparation). A theoretical expansion of PSOC in an ecological context: The town-gown example.
      • Brodsky, A. E., Loomis, C., Marx, C. M. (2002). Expanding the concept of PSOC. In Fisher, A.T., Sonn, C.C., & Bishop, B. J. (Eds.). Psychological sense of community: Research, applications and implications. Kluwer: New York.
      • Brodsky, A. E. & Marx, C. M. (2001). Layers of identity: Multiple psychological senses of community within a community setting. Journal of Community Psychology, 29(2), 1-18
  • Qualitative Methods
    The role of relationships in qualitative research
    Applied Research
    • Related Publications
      • Brodsky, A. E. & Welsh, E. (2008). Applied Research. Field Notes. Negative Case Analysis. & Researcher as Instrument. In The Encyclopedia of Qualitative Methods. Sage.
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      • Brodsky, A. E. (2001). More than epistemology: Relationships in applied research with under-served communities. Journal of Social Issues, 57(2), 323-335.

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