Teaching Experience

Courses Taught

CS 4803-PPL / CS 8803-PPL – Privacy Technology, Policy, and Law

Georgia Tech, Spring 2013

This mixed undergraduate- and graduate-level course examined the challenge of constructing and complying with privacy policies, technical requirements, and legislation. Students in the course participated in extensive in-class debates of privacy challenges, including the ethical and legal foundations of privacy, development of privacy-related technologies, and the comparative differences between American and European approaches to privacy legislation. Course topics included social networks, surveillance, wiretapping, encryption, and web-based advertising. This course featured a semester-long collaboration with an Atlanta-based software company seeking to engage students in real-world privacy challenges; specifically, compliance with federal privacy regulations, assessment of security and privacy policies, and development of new, privacy-sensitive approaches to business analytics.

My co-instructor for this course was Dr. Annie Antón. You may access the course website for more information.

CSC 216 – Programming Concepts in Java

North Carolina State University, Summer 2011

CSC 216 is the second course in computing, intended for majors and students in the Computer Science Certificate Program. Emphasis is placed on encapsulation; methods and types; polymorphism; inheritance; interfaces; testing strategies; linked structures; and specification and implementation of finite-state machines. As the instructor of record, my responsibilities covered the breadth and depth of teaching: hiring, managing, and mentoring a teaching assistant; creating, implementing, and grading compelling and challenging course quizzes, projects, and exams; curriculum planning; lecturing; and assigning course grades. I was lucky to have Dr. Sarah Heckman as my mentor throughout the process of planning and teaching this course.

Teaching Assistant

I was a teaching assistant for CSC 791e - Privacy Technology, Policy, and Law under Dr. Antón for the Spring 2009 semester. My responsibilities included supporting curriculum planning, teaching several lectures, and grading assignments. Because this was the first time that the course had been taught, my experience in curriculum planning was particularly enlightening.

Spring 2010, I served as a teaching assistant for Dr. Antón’s 700-level graduate course on Requirements engineering. My responsibilities once again included curriculum planning, occasional lecturing, grading assignments, and providing feedback to students on semester long projects.

In Spring 2011, I served once again as the teaching for CSC 791e - Privacy Technology, Policy, and Law under Dr. Antón. We revamped the course based on feedback from previous semesters, which was a fantastic learning experience for me. I also enjoyed responsibilities as a lecturer, grader, and advisor to students as they worked on their semester long course projects.

Guest Lecturer

During the Fall 2009 semester, I was invited as guest lecturer for the CSC 510 - Software Engineering six separate times. My lectures included an Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Processes, Software Planning, Risk Management, Project Scheduling, and Project Estimation.

During the Fall 2010 semester, Dr. Murphy-Hill invited me as a guest lecturer twice for his CSC 510 - Software Engineering course. I taught Project Scheduling and Requirements Engineering.

I was invited by Dr. Heckman to guest lecture for CSC 216 - Programming Concepts in Java for two lectures. The first was on Inner Classes & Iterators. The second was on Stacks & Queues. In addition, I covered CSC 230 - C Programming and Software Tools once, lecturing on Pointers.