Current PhD Students:

Pooja Parameshwarappa (expected to graduate May 2020)
Ohud Saud
Samson Oni
Nujood Alodadi  

Past PhD Students:

Fan Yang, graduated August 2019. First employment: Invexer Technologies Inc.

Shibnath Mukherjee, graduated May 2007. First employment: Yahoo! Research and Development, India. Current position: Senior Machine Learning Manager at Microsoft India

Madhushri Banerjee,  graduated May 2011. First employment: Assistant Professor, Georgia Gwinnett College. Promoted to Associate Professor recently.

Tamas Gal, graduated December 2011. First employment: Database Analyst at University of Kentucky. Current position: Director for Cancer Informatics Core, Virginia Commonwealth University

Shaikha Al-Duaij, graduated May 2017. First employment: Assistant Professor, Kuwait University 

Cailing Dong, graduated August 2017. First employment: Intelligent Fusion Technology.