Secure and flexible Information Sharing in Coalition Environments

Source: Office of Naval Research, 2018-2021

Maritime Search and Rescue

Organizations increasingly need to share information securely and flexibly in coalition (federated) environments. Imagine a search and rescue mission involving vessels from government, private, and even foreign organizations. It is desirable to allow a vessel that wants to join the mission to gain access to information related to the mission automatically based on the context (the location and intention of the vessel) and the access control policy. Existing solutions such as using a cloud storage service or email are neither flexible (the authorizations are often static and have to be done beforehand) nor secure (there are many attacks such as sniffing attacks, man-in-the-cloud attacks).

This project proposes a secure and flexible solution for information sharing in coalition environment. This project focuses on client-side and proposes a situation-aware access control in federated systems, distributed trust management, and  distributed collaborative intrusion detection.




Fan Yang, Adina Crainiceanu, Zhiyuan Chen, Don Needham, Cluster-Based Join for Geographically Distributed Big RDF Data, IEEE BigData Congress, accepted, 2019. (Acceptance rate 23%).


Samson Oni, Zhiyuan Chen, Adina Crainiceanu, Karuna Joshi, Don Needham, Situation-Aware Access Control in Federated Data-as-a-Service for Maritime Search and Rescue, IEEE International Conference on Service Computing (SCC), accepted, 2019.


Dr. Zhiyuan Chen (UMBC PI)

Dr. Adina Crainiceanu (USNA PI)

Karuna Joshi (Co-PI)

Don Needham (Co-PI)

Samson Oni (Student)