Fibrous-Bed Bioreactor

In fibrous-bed bioreactor, the cells are immobilized on the fibers in the bioreactor.

Following is scanning electron microscope photos of human osteosarcoma cells in an artificial growth medium, a fibrous-bed bioreactor. The cells cling to Dacron fibers. Osteosarcoma is the most common malignant bone tumor. These cells have been genetically-engineered to produce a protein called Del-1. Photos courtesy of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Ohio State University.

Del1a -- Osteosarcoma cells, magnification 100X.

Del1b -- Osteosarcoma cells, magnification 950X.

Del1c -- Osteosarcoma cells, magnification 500X.

Del1d -- Osteosarcoma cells, magnification 2000X.

Schematic of Hollow Fiber Bioreactor and a Single Hollow Fiber in a Bioreactor.

An example of using fibrous bed bioreactor in continuous fermentation:

Acetic Acid Production from Fructose by Clostridium formicoaceticum Immobilized in a Fibrous-Bed Bioreactor

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