This report has been assembled from recordings made during the year ending September 3rd 1977, the anniversary of, amongst other things, the approximate formation of the group Throbbing Gristle two years previously. This second year of production has shown a definite move towards establishment of a sound business foundation on which further work involving greater capital expenditure can be based. Considerable progress has been made in the fields of research and development which have enabled us to give live demonstrations in five locations. These being at the I.C.A., The Mall, London on 18th October 1976; at The Nag's Head, High Wycombe on 11th February 1977; at the Polytechnic, Brighton on 26th March 1977; at Southampton University on 7th May 1977 and at the Rat Club, Pindar of Wakefield, Kings Cross, London on 22nd May 1977. These appearances were seen by audiences varying between approximately 130 (at the Rat Club) and 800 (at the I.C.A.) and their reaction to our work has been similarly variable. We have included the reactions of the audience in Brighton and particularly of the DJ of the disco at that venue as the last track of Side One. It is worth mentioning that overall a very positive interest in our work prevails and a considerable number have expressed a desire to see us perform on subsequent occasions. Simul- taneously with our live demonstrations a weekly programme of research and composition has been maintained at the studio of Industrial Records to whom our thanks are due for their support and investment.

One side of this record has been assembled from tapes made at four out of the five live occasions and at the studio of Industrial Records in London. Side Two consists of the entire original movie soundtrack of a film produced by Coum Transmissions called "After Cease To Exist" premiered in Arnhem, Holland in July 1977 which Throbbing Gristle were invited to score and perform. It was recorded at the Industrial Records studio. The field of film soundtrack production is one which is most suitable to our methods of work and we look forward to offers of more work in this field.

All recordings were made in one take without any overdubs or any recording treatment other than standard playing procedures that we employ. Within the limitations of the recording techniques used the sound on this record is exactly as it was heard at the moment of its production.

In the forthcoming year we hope to increase the number of live demonstrations and the variety of their locations. We also hope to continue our film work and to extend into a new area of preparing customized tapes of piped music for shops and factories, and finally to continue releasing records for public consumption.

for Throbbing Gristle
	Chris Carter
	Peter Christopherson
	Genesis P-Orridge
	Cosey Fanni Tutti

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