Course web-page for ENCE 614/489  Fall 2003

Biological Treatment Processes

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland Baltimore County University

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Dr. Upal Ghosh office: Technology Research Center, Room 276; phone: 410-455-8665; e-mail:

Time and Location: 
Time: 3:15pm - 4:30pm Monday and Wednesday; UMBC Technology Research Center Room 122

Course Brief:

This course will provide students with the fundamental and design aspects of biological treatment processes. The course will focus on engineered biological treatment for both municipal wastewater systems and contaminated soils and sediments. An understanding of biological treatment operations requires knowledge in the fundamental areas of microbiology, biochemistry, mass transport, reaction kinetics, and reactor engineering. The main objective of this course is to closely integrate the theoretical and design aspects of biological treatment processes such that underlying principles form the basis of engineering design. The following subsections will be covered in the course.

1. Overview of biological treatment processes and environmental applications.
2. Fundamentals of environmental microbiology and biochemistry.
3. Energy generation and utilization in biological systems.
4. Quantitative description of biological growth and degradation.
5. Bioreactor design for wastewater treatment processes (activated sludge, attached growth)
6. Nitrogen and phosphorus control.
7. Bioremediation of contaminated soils and sediments.
8. In-situ bioremediation: state of art and challenges.
9. New frontiers of bioremediation.

Secondary clarifiers in a wastewater treatment plant .............................Land biotreatment operation at Milwaukee Harbor